Injured, amputee, wheelchair, blind and every crippled!

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Give the crippled anime girls more attention!
> Bonus for character's / anime / manga name
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Saber - Artoria Pendragon

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Saber thread

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Kasumi Nakasu

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When it comes to birthday threads, I won't lose~!
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Hatoba Tsugu

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Hifumi Takimoto

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It's my wife's birthday! Say something nice to her.
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Ryūko Matoi Thread #104

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Rozen Maiden thread

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5toubun no Hanayome #80

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Post quints.
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original cute girls part 4

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any and all girls who aren't from any series or show
original content is cute
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Hanayo Koizumi---

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Rice and shine, it's her birthday in Japan!
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