Marisa Kirisame Thread

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Muv Luv

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I love foxes. Do you guys like foxes?
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Waifu Thread #95

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Considering the contrast of waifu and her role during the Great Waifu War compared to peace time and her role in the present.
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Sad & Depressed Thread IX

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Previous thread:
General reminders:
-Keep guro and suicide images in a minimum
-Be respectful
-Don't respond to trolls
-There has to be a girl in your image, preferably as the focal point

Venting is the norm here, just have an image ready.
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Makoto Niijima #24

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The Phantom Thieves' Queen thread. #24

#23 >>3522893
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just barefoot girls

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Waifu Thread #96

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Waifu singing you the song of her people.

What does it sound like?
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Asuka Thread #121

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Continuation of >>3528524

New Thread! Post more of 'best girl'!
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Aquors - Love Live! Sunshine!! - ラブライブサンシャイン

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