2B Thread

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The thread that matters most.
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Asuka Thread #142

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Continuation of >>3893823

Post more of Evangelion's best girl! Discussions welcome.
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Jeanne D'Arc Thread #15

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Miki Sayaka

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Previous thread: >>3891551
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Tifa Lockhart (ティファ・ロックハート)

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Tifa Lockhart Thread XXXIII

Previous thread: >>3889357
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Virtual Youtubers

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Hololive, VOMS, Nijisanji, etc.
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Tainaka Ritsu (田井中律) Thread #151

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Previous thread >>3881901

*List of archived threads:

*Unofficial /c/ discord server of and for cute things:

*Very important Ritsu twitter account:

*The Ricchan archive, contains DL links for the K-ON! Illustration archives, the けいおん! Live Concerts, Sato Satomi's discography, Ritsu's Image songs in FLAC, and the official Keion desktop app (calendar widget, desktop mascots, system sounds changer, clock widget, cursor changer and a wallpaper manager):

*Anon's vector project:

*きららファンタジア Illustrations and K-ON! Movie Creator Message book scans

*Need help finding sauce on a particular image?
Try these, which can lead you to even more Ritsu:

>yandex (can find source even if the sample image is cropped)

>saucenao (links to boorus as well as the pixiv ID if any)

*Need help organizing your collection of Ritsu?
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Sonia Nevermind

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The cutest princess of Danganronpa
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shinobu thread

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old and young welcome
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is it possible?
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