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I love the raccoon(Tanuki) girl, post some of her!
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Cuties in Autumn

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Cute girls enjoying the beauty of the autumn time, with it's pretty leaves and comfy feel!
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Yoko Littner

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Best redhead in anime history
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Fumika Sagisawa Thread

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Happy Birthday to the best and cool bookworm idol!
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R. Dorothy Wayneright Thread #6

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Another wonderful thread dedicated to the classic cute red headed android girl, miss R. Dorothy Wayneright!
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PMMM Side Story: Magia Record

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Its time for a MagiReco thread. Each girl deserves a bit of love.
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Revy thread! Though other Lagoon girls are also welcome.
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Gabriel Dropout
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Any geahs welcome
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yuuki yuuna wa yuusha

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and others
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