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Honoka Kousaka

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Girls Frontline

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Thread #14
Your dolls could be gone any moment skk, make sure to treasure them

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Asuka Thread #142

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Continuation of >>3893823

Post more of Evangelion's best girl! Discussions welcome.
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Nichijou and CITY

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In this thread, we post images of characters from Nichijou, CITY or any other of Arawi Keiichi's works.
But mostly we post Nano and Yuuko.
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Mari Makinami Illustrious

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Blue Sea // White Shore Edition.
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Violet evergarden

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the last thread went to hell which cannot be for my favorite auto memory doll
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i am in need of more
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Punk/metallic anime girls

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The world needs more punk anime girls
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Brown Thread #10

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Chocolate Bunny Edition

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Lucy Heartfilia

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Fairy Tail's cutest buxom blonde.
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