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Hi, if you’re a girl and you look like Tomoko Kuroki then leave your contact (discord of whatever). Pls and thanks :3

>picrelated is the Tomko

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This might sound weirdly specific, but can we have a thread for nerdy, weird, awkward, shy or alternative girls with straight/blunt bangs and glasses?
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Punk / metallic girls - II

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Since the last thread >>3897653 was a relative success, I wanted to start another one!

Let's post girls who are wearing band shirts, rocking a punk/metal attire, etc. Edits are welcome too.
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Misaka Mikoto

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Post cute biribiris! Her imoutos are also welcome
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Monster Girls Thread

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post Monster Girls because Monster Girls are the best girls
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Very short hair

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Cuties with hair that doesn't cover their ears, neck, face
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Rin Tohsaka Thread

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I love my wife for making my boy happy as a mortal and spirit.
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Koume 76

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Taking it easy this time around. Let's get started!
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School Rumble

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The girls in School Rumble are pretty cute,
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hi /c/

I wan to gently ask if you guys have some images about this good boy, thank you...