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Kanzaki Ranko #39

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Drown in the darkness!
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Lain Thread Layer 116: Everyone is Connected

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Sakura Kyouko #59

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Swimsuits, Suntan and Smiles Edition

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Anne Takamaki Thread #102

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Very self-explanatory
Remember to keep it safe
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KyoAni Thread

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A thread for any and all Kyoto Animation characters and series.
This may be a hard week for many, but let's get through it by remembering the positive and celebrating what this studio has given us!
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Tired girls

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Tired/Coffee drinking/Bags under eyes, etc.
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Megumin Thread #34

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Minase Iori thread #69

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Enjoying the summer with the cutest idol!

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Literally any girl you want to post, but since Tomoko has her own thread try to avoid her unless in groups.
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