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Homura Akemi Thread 122

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Each day of our lives is like a snowflake. Shaped by the circumstances and pressures around us, the moments that make up our story are all unique - crafted by fate’s hand as they fall to earth. When they stick together, as weeks, months, and years, they become a blanket, not of snow, but of time.

It’s easy to get caught up in the past’s avalanches, or the present’s blizzards. Appreciating the magic of everyday life, and the twirls and swirls that shaped it, is something you have to actively strive for.

Whether you’re living through a snow shower or a flurry this winter, catch the moment, and savor it more than you normally do. Even if it feels silly, it’ll still be worth doing, if only to honor our snow angel, and the winters she missed during her loops.

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Kanamori Sayaka

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Tomoe Mami Appreciation Club #101

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For me, it will still be 'death by cuteness'.

Steins;Gate Thread #7

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NyanNyan edition

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Callie/Aori Thread

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Family bonding

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Tomoko Kuroki Thread #116

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Sucy Manbavaran
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Riamu thread

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