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Ann Takamaki & Shiho Suzui / 高巻杏と鈴井志帆 Thread

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1. Remember that we share the thread with other posters! Try not to post too many images at once, so everyone gets their turn! Also, don't be rude!
2. Try to source your images! If you know the source to an image, please include it in your post!
3. Try to focus on posting new images! Remember you can check the archives to find the many great ones that were already posted!


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Yui Hirasawa Thread CCXLIII

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Today marks 243 threads of Yui! let's see if we can get 250 by her birthday!!

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Mugi Thread CXVI - The Comfy Thread

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The title says it all.

I'm cold, you're cold. It's cold.

Post the comfiest Mugi images you have.

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Yotsuba thread

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Jaguar Warrior also welcome
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ayumu "osaka" kasuga (& co.) thread

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post osakas and/or other characters from this anime
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Chie Thread #0

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Post your best Chies
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Maka Albarn

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Maka thread #110

Makas of various hairstyles approach you. What do you do?

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Waifu Thread #160

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Waifu making her way through the snow, to (you).
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