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Quick question, when this board is deleted where will we have to go for convention discussion? /cgl/?
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Equestria LA 2013: Voice Actors' Panel Day

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>Unfortunately, the panel was not filmed by anyone, not even us.
>We were all given strict orders to not record and to make sure no one else did.

>If anyone was caught filming, the VA's would have left.
>We are sorry for inconvenience.

>Unfortunately, due to EQLA's filming and editing policy,
>we cannot release the full panel videos.
>We are sorry for the inconvenience
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Moot delete this board.
/cgl/ is ok enough for the landwhales to shlick themselves too their attention whoring. You're panel was a bit cringe worthy dont try to compensate for that failure by making another board
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get >>6444
for gta 4 online launch
captcha: itsupit pointed

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This board is now ogre.
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