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Summary of weekend's events:

>moot meets faggots, shakes hands in the middle of the night
>Panel line is at capacity, meme-spouting autistic children stand around for an hour
>Security and cops are in full force keeping anon from doing Sandy Hook 2.0
>moot is unprepared, videos don't work
>Pre-screened questions make a tame Q&A
>moot fucked a 4channer
>boxxy is queen
>/jp/ is best board
>traffic traffic traffic, ephemeral content

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What has Shii been up to lately? I somehow missed the closing of his wiki and have since been scouring old HDs and Wayback for better archive than this messy Github file he linked to. Or is 4chan's Trostky too busy dodging assassins in mootxico?
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ITT: Guess which board each person in this photo frequents.
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