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Hi! I recently sent you an email about the removal of some posts which contained my email. Hope you can get back to me on it, thanks.

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Hello. https doesn't seem to work. Are there any plan to make it work? I'm developing 4plebs support for Android client and Android doesn't allow using plain http anymore (since Android 9 IIRC).

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I'm interested in the image data for /meta/ and /junk/, if you don't mind handing it over.
Posting here too in case you aren't looking at IRC.

Can't post comments on Pokemon Anime Discussion thread

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Hello, I'm having a problem where I can't post comments in the thread, and the recaptcha fuction keeps appearing even though I'm not posting a web URL in my messages, which I do sometimes of youtube videos. Can you help me?

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Any interest of archiving /vmg/ threads. Admin?

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Why is search window closing instantly?

Are reports working?

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I was browsing >>>/vp/43155453 and saw some suspicious content which I then reported, but it's still up :(

/bant/ flag counter

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Hello, I have no idea how easy this would be, but would it be possible to add a countries statistic for /bant/ like 4plebs has for /pol/ and /sp/? I use the data for determining rarity and whatnot, so if this is an easy add, I would be really grateful!