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Toilet thread

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Okay, let's start a new thread dedicated to depictions of this most natural act.
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Neptunia Thread IV

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A continuation of >>2229425
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Entering the final stretch of Maken-ki, boys.
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Photoshop Color/E/dits Thread

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As per usual, this thread is intended for requesting Color/Edits only. If you want something drawn, go to the draw thread.
Draw Thread: >>2368577


- Respect /e/ and global rules.
- You must supply a reference for the characters or at least directions for coloring in every part of their body or related objects.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference.
- Link references instead of including them in new posts.
- No bumping or seconding requests.
- Be patient, some images can take a great deal of time.
- Don't be a dick to the artists, they're giving their time to do this for you, you ungrateful shit.
- Constructive criticism is fine.
- Remember to thank whomever fulfilled your request.

Requesters, Feel free to ask for revisions of the works, it isn't an insult.
Artists, don't hold back! if you like a request someone else already fulfilled, feel free to do your own take.

Previous Thread: >>2362750
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Hex maniac thread

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Fit girls

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Girls that are fit, not necessarily muscle girls, that slim fit look is good too. Just no average looking or chubby girls.
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Smoking/oral fixation thread. Distributing more diamond than Antwerp.

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Old thread:

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Continuation of. 2317840
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ENF General #72

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Previous Thread: >>2351919

ENF=Embarrassed Nude Female(s)
EUF=Embarrassed Undressed Female(s)

An ongoing thread for ENF themed images, stories, or videos.

Previous threads archive:

Story Listing:

ENF Anime, Manga, Games, and MMD Videos:

If you know any other noteworthy ENF Anime, Manga, Games, and Videos, then add them to the docs. Changes have to be approved but anyone can add things to them. On the same token, make sure to check the docs for certain games before advertising them in the thread. If they are in the docs chances are they are already known.

As usual, any and all content is welcome.
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This pose

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Standing split, standing on one leg, whatever, post more, it makes my dick hard as a rock.
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