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Impractical Clothing

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No ripped or opened clothes, just clothing that is intentionally designed to cover nothing.
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Panties Only

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Only their bottom underwear.
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Post delicious flat chest. No lolis.
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Slit Pussy/Closed Legs

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Tomboy Thread?

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Tomboy Thread!
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Manga of Ao no exorcist

Tetas culiao mal pario

On stomach, ass.

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This shit gets me diamonds. On her stomach, ass from behind. Panties, no panties, whatever. Best viewed from directly behind, but not necessarily. Sometimes, you can achieve the same angle from a standing ass shot from below. I'll post the best examples I have. I'd love to see what else you guys got.
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Fat Booty

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Big phat asses go in here. Preferably bent over.
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