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Naoto thread

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other girls are welcome but focus on Naoto-chan please
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The longer the better, ideally with thighhighs as well and little else.
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Mashu Kyrelight

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A goddess with one of the most attractive character designs of all time. Post her lewds.
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Amaburi - Amagi Brilliant Park

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Sento is such a goddess.
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Konosuba thread

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Aqua edition
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Lewd Dokis
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Marnie Thread #2

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The first thread was a success! Let's keep it going.
Previous thread: >>2514318
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Miku and other vocaloids

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Porcelain/Pale Skin Girls

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Monster girls okay
Bonus for girls with porcelain/cool white skin and not just light.
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Anime Girls With Hot-Pants!

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Simple concept. Whether it's daisy dukes or athletic shorts, it's good as long as they're tight and tiny.
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