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Ass thread

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Other ass thread hit the image limit. Post your best butts.
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Can we have a tomboy thread going?
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Hairy Armpits

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Just normal girls that happen to be hairy or whatever. Preferably none of the nasty stinky shit.

Inb4 waaah go to D. Literally the most normal nature thing to happen to a girl. Get with one and you would know that
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Girls with a bigger breast/boob size

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Post girls that have bigger busts that are bigger than they are canonically depicted with
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wet/see through clothes

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title says it all
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All ettes welcome
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/brg/ - Bust Ranking General #4

ITT posting the biggest breasts from each fictional universe. Use this thread to nominate and debate girls from new or pending series, or usurp girls who we're wrong about.



>Full List + Full Rules
Rules mostly boil down to official art of natural-breasted, attractive, human-sized characters from any officially-published non-pornographic fictional work.

Previous Thread: >>2342034
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Toilet Thread

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Previous thread: >>2549243
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Writer's Block /e/

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Drawthreads abound but never a writethread. Let's get one going for everyone who wants to develop their skills or spin some stories.

>Request /e/ material that you'd like to see.
>Give as much or as little detail as you want to guide the writefriend.
>Images are great to assist the writing process.
>Don't expect more than a 10-20 page story.
>Completed work can be linked to pastebin or an appropriate alternative.
>Writefriends, be creative!
>Give reviews! Suggestions! Help build everyone's talent!
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Miku and other vocaloids

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