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Anime Girls With Hot-Pants!

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Simple concept. Whether it's daisy dukes or athletic shorts, it's good as long as they're tight and tiny.
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Panties thread

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Showing Panties

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Girls showing off their panties.
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"Hidden" nipple/nudity

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Don't know what to call this besides "hidden". What I mean by "hidden" is not censored, but where the nudity is present but just not obvious at first glance or even after a few glances. Attached example isn't the best but it's all i could find. Basically a NSFW image that is ostensibly SFW. An example could be something like a beach image depicting a bunch of girls having fun in bikinis but one of the girls in the background has one of her nipples exposed. Something that wouldn't be noticed unless the image was observed closely. Help me out anons. I hope this explanation suffices.
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Post girls wearing glasses / megane. Some meganekkos. You know the drill.
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Gyaru thread

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How come there aren't any? Let's fix that!
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Pole Dance Thread

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Fundoshi Thread

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Can't Spell Fundoshi without the word 'Fun'!
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Dragon Ball Girls

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Post your Dragon Ball Ecchi here.
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Bikini armour

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Let's have a treat about "Protection equipment" that only protect the key bits.
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