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Active wear

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Sports bras, spats, yoga pants, tennis shoes, printed band underwear, stuff like that.
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Selfies at mirror showing ass (the more know the character, the better)
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Obscure Manga

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Let's share obscure manga that aren't talked about much.

I'll go first.

Shiromajsushi wa Yuusha no Level wo Agetakunai
The White Mage Doesn't Want to Raise the Hero's Level

Isekai, white mage character in love with main character, etc. Stereotypical trash story and characters.

What makes it stand out is the main girl's outfit and the amount of areola/nipple slips throughout the whole series.

The first volume is out and the art is edited quite a lot from the serialization to show more. There is no translation effort I know of but I translated it for full context.
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Busty or flat, all are welcome.
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Post enslaved girls.
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absurdly long hair girls: third is the charm!

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this is a long haired girls apreciation thread
post your very long haired girls in any hairstyle and color
either silky manes,wavy seas, sturdy braids, and updos all welcome
both sfw and nsfw
writeannons and captionist allowed
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Aryan Women

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Beautiful, blonde, white, you get the gist.
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Matou Sakura

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The cute heroine of Heaven's Feel.
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Fate thread

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Post FSN, FGO, Extra and other Fate spin-off lewds
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Vtuber thread

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