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Happy birthday GUMI
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Sneaker Fetish

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Post pics of nude (or mostly nude) girls wearing sneakers. Or trainers, or tennis shoes, or whatever you want to call them.
Other shoes are fine too, but the contrast between big chunky footwear and bare flesh is more erotic than the effect of something like a high heel.
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Post pokegirls.
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Tattooed girls

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Jungle/Forest Goddess Wet Dream Made Me Cum

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Ok, so I had the most amazingly vivid wet dream last night.
Never before has a dream caused me to cum.

Here's what happened.
(you can skip to the following post for the sexy part.)

I was on an island, in a rich garden, overflowing with roses, honey suckles, grape vines and all number of botanical beauties.
I was seated in a white, delicately hewn, wooden chair, encircled with white latus walls overgrown with vines and pink flowers.

Behind me a sheer blue-grey cliff rose high into the air. Footed by thick foliage, painted with vines and liken and crowned with a magnificent victorian mansion with a glass roof.

Before me the latus wall opened to a view of a rolling green lawn that stretched down to a white sand beach in the distance.

The water glittered blue in the midday sun.

From behind me, a spirit of the forest, or jungle of that island, approached me.

She stood tall and straight like a great tree, her skin was green as grass, and she wore no garment save for the leaves, vines and flowers that clung to her, which seemed to flow down about her from her head, which was crowned with many small white flowers.

Her whole body was like thick foliage, save for her chest which was like that of a petite woman's. Her breast glistened with dew.

In addition to all of this, about her and above her moved several thick, elegant vines.
They seemed to glide and slither through the air as if of their own accord.
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Picture Below is You

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Continuation of: >>2596044
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Chubby thread!

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casual nudity

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Girls being nude/showing boobs and either don't care or don't know about it
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