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Asuka thread

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other eva girls are fine too as long as Asuka is there
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Mechanical Armour

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Gorgeous girls with beautiful, reflective mechanical battle armor. Not necessarily androids.
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Girls Frontline

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Post hot gun robot things and other characters from the Yuzhongverse.
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Helltaker Thread

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White / Silver haired girls are my fav
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/cmg/ Chest Mogging General

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My Queen, Xenovia

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post Xenovia pics
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One Piece

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Yamato is the new queen of OP doujins
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Partially Exposed Bras

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Ladies wearing shirts or dresses that shows the cups of their bras.
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Succubi and Demon Girls

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Succubi and demon girls!

This one's for my thicc thigh waifu. :3
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Miko is new hot stuff!
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