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Post the last image you busted to

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Satsuki Kiryuin Thread

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The most powerful eyebrows in existance
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absurdly long hair girls: the second stroke

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either long silky cascades
or huge poofy manes
post girls with massive length or amount of hair
no haircut
bonus points for stories or well endowed specimens;)
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Fap to the picture below

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Taking off the top = good
Taking off the top and facing away from the viewer = better
Taking off the top, facing away from the viewer, and holding the top in the hand = best

A hand bra is fine too

Post some topfree ITT
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Fire Emblem

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FE thread everyone ? Preferably girls from FEs before Awakening, but everything is fine.

It's been a while, let's share some !
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shantae thread, please please please no obese/scat/brap/piss shantae. just regular shantae is perfect
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Picture Below is You

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Continuation of: >>2546175
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Luxury II

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Last thread: >>2460320
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