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So I know a lot of people on this form have weird fetishes but we still have moral standards right? I know that anime incest is a big meme and some people really liked it but we've never actually consider engaging it at in real life yeah? We wouldn't be posting like pictures or videos of it on the site cuz we have decency and integrity. Anyways I found a Reddit post of a guy who's going to f*** his mom this Wednesday and it baffles me. he says he's going to do it because his dad got crippled two years ago and his mom's been suffering from her sexual needs not being met. What could be going through his mind to even consider it. What do you think he's going to feel the moment he enters his mom??? Will he be able to live with the guilt, what in society has gotten us to this point. Post your theories about how it's going to go and maybe go on Reddit to ask him not to do it.