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Takeda Hiromitsu [ Sentai, RPG, Maken-ki ] 5.0

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Live stream folder in case you missed any. Voluntary work of stream anon https://mega.nz/folder/xdBDDajC#tNQTC34bYyV6Us26DYSCXg

All RPG Related content & videos (1 bonus ENG translated video) https://mega.nz/folder/pIgkzDhL#5dc-B8aYkbcFZbLEmAnkQg

Sentai stuff has no folder due to most of it being on hitomi or e(- or x) hentai websites by searching the artist name.

Please support his fantia. Be civil! DO NOT DEMAND OR ASK FOR STREAMS. This also applies to the content provided by some of these subs artists, editors, or translators. He/She has there own personal lives.

Special thanks to stream anon for the stream archive, Nijoutaku for providing legendary edit, Nigel Thornberry/Artist Anon for thread discussions!