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The great unzoning of America has begun.

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the semi-recumbent is the only physiologically safe way to enjoy cycling
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Continued from>>1428181

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #18 Starting with ARN
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Touring saddles

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Are Brooks saddles worth it? What are some alternatives, for long days on the saddle?

tampa rail and avoiding suburbs

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so my gf wants us to move to florida at somepoint, particularly tampa.

does florida and tampa have any good rail lines? also where in tampa can i avoid any suburban areas.

like i know florida is just one big suburb but there has to be some kind of island that isnt tainted with suburban sprawl
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does anyone else notice that cagers become way more aggressive towards cyclists in the winter? I never have a problem in the summer but some wigger in a honda accord just tried to start a fight with me saying that I need to bike on the sidewalk. this shit NEVER happens to me in the summer
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What is the blandest airline livery?
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Was there any other reason other than the diminishing sales to dismiss its service?
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Anyone else spend all day reading about bicycles, looking up components, building out a bicycle in Notepad and daydreaming about it, thinking about all those cool trails and adventures you could go on, thinking about flying to Iceland and doing some epic overland journey, or a bikepacking trip a few counties over, but then you realize... Shit. I have no one to bicycle with. I haven't left my small town in two years. I don't drive. I ride the same routes every time. I'm never going to Iceland. I'm never going on these amazing bicycle adventures these people on YouTube go on.

But dreaming about it is better than having no dreams at all.
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/DRT/ Daily Ride Thread

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Totally Rainbow (Fuck LGBT) Edition

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