Crust Bike ls Finally Admits It

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Crust Bikes finally embraces their station as "Rivendell With Disc Brakes" - and will go on to show how much money Grant could have made it here had no scruples and cucked his legacy for marketing hype bullshit like disc brakes on pavement bikes.

Anyways here's the new ultraromance branded model, they decided to just paint it like a Riv so it would sell this time. Honestly prefer Grant's bumbling free speech SJW behavior greatly to Crusts cynical identity politics. Grant should just sue this point, no amount of instagram shoutouts are going to make up for the revenue they bite out of Riv with this blatant ripoff
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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Snail Pace Edition

Old Thread: >>1516734
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Posting pictures of your issues helps.
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/btg/ - bicycle touring general

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/btg/ - bicycle touring general
Broken rack edition.

Ask questions, post advice, stories and photos from your trips.
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Bike Trainers

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Bunch of boomers bought up all the trainers at my local bike shops. Can't even find anything in-stock in Canada let alone on sale or on Kijiji. Anybody have experience with any trainers or especially Chinese ones like pic related?

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Now that we have a railfan President...

Do we think we’ll see public transit expansion funded by the Feds? I know things like the NHSL spur to King of Prussia is banking on a Biden Presidency.

Do you think he’ll be good for excursions? Bennet Levin seemed to think that he would extend Federal Insurance used to cover Amtrak to excursions, and that he’d repeal Amtrak’s moratorium.
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Well the covid virus seems to have not only killed the collectible bike market, it seems to have made just go away completely.
I have several places I check every day for bikes that fit this category and not one has popped up in months.
I cant even evaluate prices because nothing is being listed.
What the hell ?
Has anyone had any different experience than this?
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I could not imagine anything worse than being killed in a bike crash. Everything is going smoothly and then suddenly your frame pitches violently and rotates over the front axle. If you're on platform pedals you’re lucky but only momentarily. Your body enters a free fall while the inside of your helmet fills with screams, those in straps or clipped in are thrown around like rag dolls - your head smashing into the ground or the nearest stationary object. The elapsed time makes you realize the handlebars and brakes can not correct the line of travel and it sets in that you’re going to die. During daytime or with a carefully selected StVZO lighting system you are at least granted knowledge of the impact distance. At night without lights it is a complete surprise. You’re stuck in a foam hat and wrapped in a polyester and gore tex sausage casing until the moment you make contact with the thing that will kill you, likely upside down. You know you’re going to die, you just don’t know when. It’s a surprise, like being sniped in the head. Depending on the nature of the accident you could crack your skull against the pavé or you could be dragged under a cage from the vacuum effect of a team car's slipstream and free fall through the windshield or into the wheel well. Any scenario is completely disturbing and unpleasant to think about. I would never wish to experience this in my life.
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>riding my meme-90's mtb around town
>dressed casually
>climbing a hill
>notice group of girls in the distance sitting by a crosswalk
>start sprinting out of the saddle to display my physical prowess
>sashaying my body around in a subtly sexual yet powerful and graceful way
>must be going 20 mph up this fairly steep hill
>feeling the burn as I approach them with the sun in my eyes and my helmetless hair flowing in the breeze
>"Hey you're hot" one of them shouts
>I look at one of them and awkwardly smile while passing by

I never realized the hidden potential bikes had
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Daily reminder that Brightline West is happening.
LA-Vegas high speed rail
Good color too.
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