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The mere existence of this board makes cagers mad.

Feels god desu, can't wait for more Kochs to die.

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I fucking hate “people” who bike on the sidewalk. Seriously, what the fuck? They are so fucking arrogant they think they own the road. A part of me just wants to tackle them and repeatedly smash their head against the curb. Imagine that feeling. Anyone who bikes on the sidewalk must have their bicycle confiscated and be publicly executed. I fucking hate them. If you are a “cyclist” who drives on the sidewalk, I will find where you live, and I will kill you in the most gruesome way possible.

/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread

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being friendly edition

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Electrification of US freight railroads.

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This seems to be low hanging fruit for the green left. Yet I don't see a single one of them talking about this. It's all proven technology and easily projected costs and timelines. That would eliminate billions of barrels of oil used every year.
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/DRT/ Remember when you were shone like the sun

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/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread. All welcome- Sanics, Unracers or even bromptonbois. Come and tell us about your bike ride, even if it was just over suburban tarmac (not everyone can be BaconRider and that's OK)


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yow friends, ned help with wheels.
wanna upgrade my stock wheels of my road bike (a felt F75,its a alu bike kinda like a caad10).

i aint got crazy budget, somethin like 300-400usd for the set, maybe a bit more cause i know its little. was looking at campy zonda's , but in some places i read there are better more modern options for the same budget, but they don mention what.. so here i am, total newbie to wheels.

btw: dont want too big profile, 40 max i think. thaknssssssss

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There is literally nothing more /comfy/ than cycling at 10kmh in a suburb on a quite sunny day with a slight breeze hitting your face

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Is this accurate?
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