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best cycling movies? (not documentaries though!)

just saw breaking away, i know about premiun rush and that old one with kevin bacon. but what else should be seen?

when you google for this you get bombed with documentaries, wich are nice, but what about fiction movies. drop those names!


Maritime General /mg/

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I believe I can fly edition
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How is it that the mere sight of this plane causes Boeing shills to launch into a fit of rage?
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Governor Abbott Says Texas Is Finished Building Highways

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“The bottom line is this: The way people get around, the way people live is going to change,” Abbott said, according to the Rivard Report. “As a result, this generation of roads that [Texas Transportation Commission Chairman] Bruce Bugg is in charge of building is probably the last major buildout of roads we’ll have in the state of Texas, even considering the fact that Texas is the fastest-growing state in America.”

That statement is remarkable—if not outright shocking—considering how wedded Texas’ transportation policy has been to the mantra of big roads. Abbott went on in his speech to suggest that one of the reasons that Texas won’t be building roads is because new populations will flock to cities and denser areas of the state where they won’t be as reliant on automobile transportation.
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/mtg/ – Model Train General

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OO9 Edition

Previous thread: >>1402617
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PYBT - Post Your Bike Thread

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Winter shitposting bananza edition.

What's stopping you from riding?
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Defunct airlines
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FUCK bros I'm watching the last flights of this and welling up

Do you think you'll ever get to fly on anything like it?
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post your gore
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