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Its a good day /n/ bros. Just like a cop, our final goal of putting ourselves out of a job has come. Blow up the bridges, close all the roads. Now the average person can live anywhere! Huzzah!

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Modest wholesome christian family ride edition
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American high-speed rail thread

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I want to believe
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What radicalized you?
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Why aren't airships like the one by the sky pirates in laputa castle in the sky built?
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How do the aviation nerds here feel about electric planes?
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>"Um sir, I'll have you know serving beverages is only a very small part of our job. We are highly trained individuals and have the utmost authority over you while you're on my aircraft, do I make myself clear?"

Been on hundreds of flights. Have literally never seen them do anything other than serve beverages. Are they full of shit?
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my bike got stolen :(
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How do we solve the cycling audience problem?
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/mg/ — Maritime General

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