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Did you know that a cyclist with an especially meat heavy diet has more of a climate impact per passenger mile than a Prius with double occupancy, and even with an average US diet it's about the same? Electric public transit is better than cycling infrastructure from a climate standpoint.
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Carbon fiber edition

Old: >>1545028

Posting pictures of your issues helps.

How2 fix your shit:
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>tfw there will never be ICE services in the UK
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I like to eat dirt
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How did we become so hated and how do we fix it?
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why is this a thing in so many cities in the US.

w h y
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Anyone ever take their dag on a leash while riding a bike?
I tried it with my super energetic Aussie and he fucking loved it.
He ran and ran and never got tired the little prick.
He does however like to bark at people
So he sometimes jerks the leash which almost made me wipe out
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>Waddles into your path
Heh nothing personnel, mammal.
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