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New uses for the land under urban freeways.

My city is proposing building a skatepark or some kind of park to improve the space. What are the best projects built under freeways?
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Why are American men often so fixated on trucks as a symbol of their masculinity? The bike is infinitely more masculine; you literally propel yourself through your own raw physical power, instead of passively sitting in a cage cultivating a beer gut as your travel to your destination without breaking a sweat. I can't think of anything more emasculating than relying on a machine to carry out a task as basic as locomotion.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

Last OP was a massive faggot who didn't use the template or link the previous thread edition

Last thread: >>1338798

/n/ Discord:


If you want help picking out a bike to purchase, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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Are dutch bicycles a meme?
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Modding your bike into an E Bike (general)

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What are some inexpenssive hub motor kits that /n/ would reccomend?

The cheapest ones go for 250$ on Amazon and AliExpress, are they worth buying?
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Holly cow!
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Unusual, New, Revolutionary Bicycle Designs And Concepts

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/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread

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Other PYBT was started by a dickhead and sucks.
Shitpost in this one.
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Against Car Supremacy

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>This reflects the all-pervasive car supremacy in the design of the American built environment. From our massively-skewed funding priorities, to the dysfunctional politics of rail construction, to the simple engineering of American city centers, we send signals that automobiles are the only truly legitimate way for people to get around, and that drivers are entitled to priority over any other transport method. It's long since time for a revolution in American transport — not to abolish the use of cars altogether, but to place them as just one among many transportation options.

>The overwhelming car bias in American cities can be seen by visiting virtually any European, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean city. There decent or better public transportation systems are the norm — across European major cities a public transit share of commuting less than 30 percent is rare, and cities like Paris, Madrid, Zurich, and Stockholm top 60 percent. The only American city with a share over 50 percent is New York (where the car obsessive Governor Andrew Cuomo has let the subway rot); the share of all U.S. commuters is just 5 percent.
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big boi