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Too far gaan edition

Welcome to the /gag/ - /gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome.
Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, no nudes. Bikefags not allowed :^)

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Transportation, manufacturing, energy and materials autism

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New thread where I talk with myself about certain topics to cope with my shitty life.


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>Most efficient form of drivetrain lubrication
>Low maintenance

Why aren't more people taking the paraffin-wax pill?
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Would you buy a 12 year old carbon bike?

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Someone is offering me pic related for £450.

The photo isn't the exact bike, here is the specs:

Full Carbon road bike
54 cm from b-b to seat post
Mavic Askium wheels
Hutchinson Nitro 2 tyres
Carbon seatpost
SRAM Apex groupset
SRAM 42t - 11 speed
11 - 46 cassette
Merida saddle
*no peddles included*

I kinda want my first full carbon bike, but not keen on it's age.
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/n/ Music

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Let this thread be a compendium of every song ever made about bikes, trains, buses and planes.
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bike helmet general

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helmets we all know them
>do you wear them?

>when should you defenetly wear one, and when is it ok to not wear it?
>up to what speed do you not wear one?

I myself am split about wearing them, in summer I find them not easy to wear and way to hot.
one time I collapsed because I overheated in the sun at 35°C and could not recover to continue my tour. So in summer I tend to not wear it unless I drive in strong traffic
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What do you all think about traffic circles?
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>On December 7, 1987, disgruntled Pacific Southwest Airlines employee David Burke boarded Fight 1771, a BOAC BAe 146, carrying 38 passengers from San Francisco to LA. Burke, a man with a violent history, had been previously involved in a cocaine smuggling ring. After relocating to the West Coast and working for PSA as a ticket agent, he was fired for several petty thefts. His boss refused to re-hire him. Still carrying his PSA employee's card, Burke bypassed airport security with a loaded .44 revolver since most airlines at this time did not require security checks for employees.

>During the flight, Burke penned a suicide note on an airsickness bag reading "You've shown no mercy for me and my family, and you'll get none in return." He then got up and shot his boss, whom he knew was a regular passenger on the flight. As recorded by the CVR, a flight attendent rushed to the cockpit and informed the pilots "We have a problem." When they asked what was up, Burke replied "I'm the problem." and shot her, followed by the pilots. Burke then apparently pushed the control yoke so the plane began a steep dive. The CVR recorded one more gunshot, possibly Burke shooting PSA chief pilot Douglas Arthur, who was onboard the flight and may have been trying to head to the cockpit and regain control of the plane.

>PSA 1771 nosedived into the grounds of a cattle ranch at speeds exceeding 700 mph. The crash speed was so extreme that no sizable pieces of the plane other than the engine cores survived. Of the 43 people aboard, 27 were never identified. The gun was found with a piece of Burke's finger still clutching the trigger. For this reason, it was believed that he probably did not shoot himself and was alive and holding the gun to the moment of impact.
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Magical Rail Chan Desu Kun 2.0

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It seems to be time for a new thread.

For those of you who missed the first exciting instalment, I'm using OpenTTD to build a complete working virtual model of the entire British railway network. Ask me anything.
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>Car equals freedom!!
Weird how so many of these boomer neocon types hate hollywood but give us feminine appeals to emotion when defending car culture and sprawl
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