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Come on lads, let's really focus on making this thread the best yet, we have kind of taken out eye off the ball of late, some very good questions have gone ignored while troll posts are getting many replies. Stop falling for bait!

We are better than that, just read the question, if you know the answer then formulate a polite and concise response, if you don't know the answer keep your mouth SHUT!

With that being said the eyes of the bicycling world are on us, this is where the word now comes for it's bike related wisdom, let's not let them or ourselves down.
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>want to get into road biking
>wanted to get a carbon one initially but prices are through the roof so have to settle for an aluminum
>got one for 900$ with Claris
>a month later found out there is a huge second hand market with grey bikes(bought/stolen from Europe and imported here) and they are all dirt cheap, like 1500$ for a full carbon bike with 105
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General aviation general /gag/

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It do what it do: edition

GA refers to all non-military or Part 121 flying, gliders, single engine trainers, spendy twin training, Part 135 prop or jet, corporate, fire fighting, etc. Regional peasants pls get bullied.
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When you see it #3

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When you see it

Previous thread: >>1516542
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Book one private flight

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How do I go about booking a private flight from NYC? What kind of cost am I looking at (ballpark, most basic private jet ride you can get, I just hate all that waiting at the airport and being shoved around like cattle).
I just got a signing bonus for a new job and I want to visit home in the south.
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>mfw Texas is getting the first high speed rail project in the country
>construction contract already signed for $16 billion
>100% private, not going for state or government gibs
>land completely bought, just waiting on permits from the federal government trying to cuck it at every step
>physical groundbreaking beginning this year, will be completed in 2023/24
If anything, comparing Texas Central Railway to California's fully government-run high speed rail project that still doesn't own all the land along its proposed route and has been in construction hell for 2 decades shows that private infrastructure is the only way America can build high speed rail.

There's gonna be 3 stations - in Dallas, Houston, and a central one near College Station that's probably gonna allow a new line later into Austin and San Antonio. This is just the start, once this route proves its profitability (which it obviously will on one of the shittiest highway commutes in the country) you'll see private HSR zooming ahead leaving Commiefornia in the dust.

/n/'s thoughts?
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90's MTB/project General

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Retarded edition
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This is how China beat the USA
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Cycling in crisis

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Cycling is late stage 3 or early stage 4 in many places.

In some areas, it may have even progressed to stage 5.

What's the best way to reverse this? I for one have been pestering local elected officials to block the construction of new bike lanes.
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>MFW there are people who seriously advocate for new interstates like I advocate for HSR
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