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Post Jumbos
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Its a good day /n/ bros. Just like a cop, our final goal of putting ourselves out of a job has come. Blow up the bridges, close all the roads. Now the average person can live anywhere! Huzzah!


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Help! My chain fell off in the ghetto

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I know this is a slow board but I have no other options. My rental bike chain fell off. Not much time, please answer quicky

I guess my crank arm is fucked

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Video of the crank arm: https://streamable.com/0in2um
Video of the BB: https://streamable.com/h10jp1
Pictures of everything: https://imgur.com/a/gfqxw1C

What causes that shit?
I bought this bike used last year and I've done a few rides and 2/3 nights bikepacking trips with it. On one of them my left crank arm bolt loosened and the arm almost fell while riding. Tightened it with my multitool, came loose again later in the day, retightened it real hard again and it was fine for the rest of the trip.
Back home I tightened the bolt even more with a real allen wrench and had no problems since, did an other 3 nights trip after that with no issues.
But some anons on an other thread guessed what the problem was and told me to fix that shit ASAP because it's only gonna get worse sooner or later:
I'm planning big touring trips this year so even if didn't cause any more issues I'm going to fix it just in case. I'd prefer not having to go to a bike shop, I can buy whatever parts and tools are needed for the job. I want to learn to do everything by myself.

What should I do? Can I just replace it with any 170mm left side crank arm or does it need to exactly match the drive side crank arm? Do you think the BB "spindle" or whatever it is the bolt attaches to could be fucked too? The bolt seems fine, and it seems to screw on the BB just fine. Thanks frens
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Long plane is long
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Ther german Breitspurbahn project. Would it have been feasible?
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How do the aviation nerds here feel about electric planes?
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What is it about bikes that so triggers Americans?
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/upg/ - urban planning general

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Post pictures of unpopular buildings and act like you're literally the only one who doesn't like it. Post pictures of traffic jams and act like you alone can solve this. Screech about parking minimums. Schizopost about boomers and cagetrolls. Draw unfounded yet sweeping conclusions about literally anything you want, based solely on the fact that you went bar hopping in a European city once in 2018. If anyone argues with you, call them a stupid American.

Picrel, this is the Port Authority Bus Terminal, beloved by the sheeple, such as boomers and Robert Moses boo hissss. I alone dislike it owing to my extraordinary insights gained going on vacation in Copenhagen. If only other people were smart like me, but the sheeple don't understand that like, cars, maaaan, the BOOMERS. Jane Jacobs, Jackie Onassis. Like, can't you see, the housing crisis? Induced demand, he made the bridges low so the buses couldn't go through, end parking minimums maaaaan!