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How come gravel bikes are so comfy yet they perform so well?
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What is the most based winter commuter and why is it a 100 dollar ancient cruiser with MTB tires and proper weight distribution?
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>just use public transpo-
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How much of Campagnolo´s reputation is boomer hype and memes and how much of it is earned? I´ve never ridden a bike without Campy so idk.
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Magura Retro HS 22

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Please tell me what these silver horns are on these Maguras I found today in my basement. They don't move a single nanometer and I've tried twisting and pushing / pulling on them. I need to move them out of the way (i.e., twist by 15 degrees) to make them fit onto my DIY ebike)
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Quit job due to commute

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Hey, /n/. I figured I'd share a recent development:

I'd been working at a company for several years that had good pay/benefits/etc, but I finally decided to find work elsewhere.

Why? My commute: 1-1.5hrs in the morning, 1.5-2hrs in the evening.

I realized that roughly 3 hours of my life were being taken from me each day due to rush-hour traffic. I was tired of being mentally exhausted by the time I got home, and basing my car purchasing on MPG and how easy it was to stop-go-stop-go.

So, I found a similar job 10 minutes from my house that offered a pay raise, same benefits, and a commute that didn't even touch a highway.

My manager at the original job tried to offer me a promotion, a raise, etc., but I told him the situation and he agreed that it was a good reason to head out.

I wanted to share this because for the last year, my life has been amazing. I feel so much better. I spend more time with my family, and the fact that I can bike to work is absolutely amazing.

If your commute is as shitty as mine was; maybe it's time to look elsewhere. Just a thought.
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What do you think of partaking in a little hotleaf before a ride?

For me, it's basically PEDs
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Have you ever received a lycra discount /n/?
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/n/ draw thread

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draw concepts to send to your favorite megacorporations
no submarine designs allowed
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#Carboned again

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