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>tfw it's not feasible to become a long distance bike courier for Important goods.
It's so unfair bros
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Now that the matter is settled and scientists got BTFOd, do you think we might expect vehicles like this to become a thing?
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Belt drive is better

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Why haven't you fine young /n/egroes taken the belt pill?
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Realistically what else would I need in order to fly around and larp as a 70s record exec?
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>light rail shut down completely for two months so far because of shooting
I guess nobody uses this thing. If it was subway they’d have it running the next day.
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Level Crossings

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What is actually happening about level crossings? Network rail says they will either remove or upgrade level crossings but I have no idea how many are likely to be removed and how many are likely to be upgraded. And other than the government in Victoria, Australia and France what other countries have similar plans?
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Water bike

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This morning I was able to see this water bike in action.
I found it interesting, although it seems that without the help of an electric motor, the impulse of the legs would not be enough...
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Are you happy with the direction the cycling industry and cycling culture has taken in the past ten years? why, or why not?
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We're doing subways wrong

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Smaller tunnels could be completed faster.
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When do you use a bike bell? How often do you use yours?
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