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Post high-speed rail from the land of the cheeseburger.
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>be me
>it's 3 am
>riding my bicycle trough the empty city streets
>listening to k-on soundtrack
>absolutely no idea where I am
feels good man
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Meme Transit

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ITT: Just post your favorite dumb shit. Expensive, useless, funny looking, preferably all three.
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Say you were to go shopping with one of these.
Where on earth would you leave it while you're inside the store without having someone steal it?
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Bike thefts

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/n/, my bike was stolen from my home back in April. I'm fairly confident that someone homeless stole it, but I don't feel like buying a new one just to have it stolen too, nor do I want to ride around.

It is illegal to use violence against bike thieves where I live.

Anyone else here have this problem? Do you have any advice?
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wtf is amtrak's problem?
if each of these lines had high speed rail, they could compete with the airplane any time of the day between the two next major cities in the midwest, and probably actually make money instead of having to get bailed out by the government with enormous subsidies
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what it's like having a cyclist gf?
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What if instead of cars people rode mopeds and bicycles everywhere?
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I want something like fortnines electric motorcycle, the only problems are its to fast for the bike lane and two slow for traffic, and I would need a motorcycle license, however it looks like a good way to get around, at the same time its more eco friendly than the cage
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>but I don't wanna buy a bike computer, it's too expensive!
>*straps a $1000 phone to the bike, rapes the non-removable battery in 2 weeks of riding*
>crashes, destroys the phone
Why do people do this?
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