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she's not much but she gets the job done
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Defunct Airlines Thread - Gone but not forgotten #2

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Old thread >>1544476

This is Varig. It used to be Brazil's flagship and one of the better airlines worldwide.

I flew in this particular MD-11 on a domestic flight from GRU to NAT in 1999 I believe.
It had a special livery made for the 1998 FIFA world cup when it carried Brazil's national squad to France.

We ended up losing the final against France (3-0). Fat Ronaldo got sick (very controversial) and Zidane raped us.
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Greyhound General

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I've flown on various airlines, have taken Amtrak across the country (and flew back), have done two cross-country road trips...but have never been on a Greyhound bus.

What's it like? Is it really mostly felons, creeps, and minorities? Are there any routes that are worthwhile?

I read online if you want to take a bicycle with you that you have to box it first. I was looking forward to planning a trip, but when I read that, it was a deal-breaker. Maybe I'll reconsider at some point.

There was also going to be a 3 hour transfer -- a layover, essentially. But the price of the ticket for economy was just $41. That's pretty sweet since if I drove, I'd need at least 4-5 fill-ups and they'd cost $20-30 a piece, I haven't paid attention to fuel prices since I haven't been taking my car anywhere lately.

What are dealbreakers for you, currently? What would make you travel on a Greyhound? What would you improve? What would you keep the same? Why can't this country have quality bus transportation?
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Cycling Caps

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What does /n/ think of cycling caps? Do you wear them or has fixie kultur irredeemably stained them with cringe? Do you own any cool ones?

Me: Yes. I've always admired their fit and sleek, stylish aesthetics. The bonus 5% speed increase is a welcome bonus, plus it feels like they're fading into obscurity among the masses again.
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Is Boeing just a scammer company at this point?
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Japanese engineering is overrated
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Does anyone here /randonneur/?
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Tractor thread

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Post some cool tractors, steam, gas, whatever
>Rumely oil pull is dream tractor
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