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/BTG/ Bicycle Touring General

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Pack Mule edition.

Discuss gear, tours, routes, friendly and unfriendly people you met on the road.

/7700/ - Flight Emergency General

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The transponder codes of doom.
>7500 - Hijacking
>7600 - Radio failure
>7700 - Emergency
Every day, there are a few pilots who have to change their transponder to one of the sacred trio for when shit gets real in the sky (although 99% of the time it doesn't mean they're fucked).
ITT, we...
-Tell our emergency stories. It doesn't matter if you didn't squawk 7700, just give us your tale.
-Monitor live 7700's and 7600's. You can configure alerts for when somebody starts squawking 7700 or 7600.
-Sit and wait for the inevitable brick-shitting 7500 alert.
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Waxed chain masterrace

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A waxed chain is so much better than an oiled chain. Cassette & chainring spotlessly clean, vs a chain lubed with oil, which is a magnet for dirt and debris.

After I am done riding, I quickly hose the bike down with a pressure washer and rub off moisture with a cloth and that's it. Since using waxed chains I've never ONCE had to remove road crap / leaves / mud from the cassette, it's permanently clean. When I'm riding I can feel the drivetrain working more slickly, a freshly waxed chain is like a brand new chain with the packed grease, but even smoother.

The only legitimate criticism of chain waxing is it's a minor pain in the ass to thoroughly clean the chain (using petroleum or whatever) before the first wax. After this all that's necessary is waxing 3 or 4 chains every few months. And you save money on replacing chains, cassettes, derailleur pulleys, chainring and so on because wax is a better lubricant.
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>made it to Paris early

Is he a king or a faggot?
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North Korean transportation database

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I've pretty much indexed most vehicles of North Korea, anyone still interested?
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Reasons not to fly?

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After this and United's announcement about diversity hire pilots and being treated like a criminal at the airport I think I can live without flying ever again.
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Cycling Glasses

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What to do if you want to wear cycling glasses but wear normal glasses with lenses?
Contact lenses and special prescription strength cycling glasses both seem to be cost prohibitive.
I guess I'll just look for self-toning sunglasses that approximate the functionality?
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/mtg/ – Model Train General

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Hatton's genesis coaches edition

Previous thread:
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Saudi Arabia to launch new airline to compete with Emirates

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You WILL change flights in RIYADH instead of D*bai, kafir.
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Collectible bikes thread

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Guys my crypto is fucking tanking!!!

But my collectible bike assets are still strong.... right guys???
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