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Hi Bros what's a good used mountain bike to get for under $300 that you can also ride in the road? Thank you

Transit To Sports

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Cities which don't have transit access to sports venues should not even be considered civilized.
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Why aren't we funding this?
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>Trains in the UK are more likely to be late or delayed than on time

How does that even happen?
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How to ride bike?

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I just for the life of me can't figure it out. I'm following all these tutorials, but I still can't just push and balance.

I've been go at it for weeks, go down a shallow hill to learn how to balance but I still can't get it.

My balls ache, my abs are sore.
I feel like burning the bike itself and be done with it.
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Local DC-10 Ruins Everything

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Has any commercial plane done more damage to technological innovation than the DC-10?
It ruined trijets for everyone. It killed the Concorde. It even took down the L1011 before it shit itself catastrophically.
We could have had it all...
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Is he right? Are front derailleurs archaic technology, like rim brakes and tubular tires?
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Colonial transportation in space

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SpaceX is making the largest most powerful rocket in history for the purpose of starting a colony on mars, it is fully reusable and lands by itself. SpaceX has already tested the engines, the flight profile of the upper stage have done numerous hops and landing tests and have static fired and cryo tested the booster. They have tested the stacking of the rocket and they have already built the launch platform. The thermal protection system is tested and they are very close to an orbital test flight where they will test reentry as well as the ascent and landing flight profile of the booster. On top of that NASA has been developing the space launch system as a way to get crew to travel to and create a permanent base on the moon, they have contracted both SpaceX's Falcon Heavy and the Starship to work alongside SLS to set up a Lunar gateway station in a near-rectilinear halo orbit of the moon and to land crew and cargo to the surface. Because of these projects we are only a few years away from initiating habitation on foreign planetary bodies. Let's discuss how transportation in space will be set up and evolve as these installations grow into large settlements.

Video of SpaceX's goal of making life multiplanetary
First hop of their full flow methane "Raptor" engine on "Starhopper"
Hop of SN5 their tank design
Hop of SN6 (tank like SN5 but improved)
SN8 flip manuver test
SN9 flip manuver test
SN10 first successful landing with explosion at end
SN11 test
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Does anyone know what this is? It goes in my cb500x somewhere?
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