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Tonight is one of the busiest nights of travel in the United States. Airports and highways will have large numbers of travelers for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It will probably be the busiest travel event the country has had for several years due to COVID. This webm is from last night in Los Angeles.
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>dui biker with shopping bags hanging from the grips
>bike has a rack
green text thread
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American Public Transit/HSR Cargo Cult

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So I broke a collar bone, and am now fused to chair for the time being. Coping with this I've been binge watching Youtube's selection about urban transit in the US and Canada.

Am I the only one that thinks that most of the american rapid transit initiatives are a cargo cult? Like Brightline Miami - 80mph slogging through not much in particular with very little bus/tram connections at either end. Or some cities which built one tram line and call it a success.

CAHSR, assuming it gets built, seems to go from nowhere to nowhere through nowhere, as there seem to be very little feeders to get it to capacity. Does CAHSR expect people to ride their car to the station?

The purpose of public transit is to create a synergic system that allows to go from doorstep to doorstep without using a car. Years ago I was working in Ulm, Germany. Getting there involved:
- a bus from my doorstep to the train station
- train to Wroclaw ( 200km west from my town )
- bus to the airport in Wroclaw
- short flight to Munchen
- u-bahn to Munchen Hbf
- ICE from Munchen to Ulm
- on foot to my hotel.

~1200km in about 10 hours, airport annoyances included.

How is CAHSR, or other initiatives ( like Texas HSR ) envision their line to be fed? Park&Ride, car rentals? How is that scheme supposed to reduce traffic, from what I see, it is just going to feed it.
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big buses

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buses that are big
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Cyclist Fashion

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What is fastest, cotton, polyester, nylon or spandex?
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Why the fuck do bus networks in car-friendly areas still exist?
Riding the bus is inferior to a car in literally every way if you can afford a car, it turns buses into gathering places for gross druggie poors and turns people off from public transit in general.
Unless you live somewhere with traffic so dense that taking a car is near impossible, there should not be buses. NO ONE chooses the bus when their car is an option.
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