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Velomobile thread

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Recently I got really interested in velomobiles.
I am thinking of building one myself, due to high prices and in my opinion some questionable design choices of consumer ones.
My primary use would be commuting to work and stuff. This way I also get to do some exercise and commute at the same time.
Also I would use it to travel/tour. Maybe with full reclining seat, I wouldn't need a tent.

Has anyone here driven velomobiles, maybe even tour in one?
What did you like/hate? What would be your concerns?
Any experience and advice appreciated.

And why are consumer ones so weird looking? Some of the racing HPVs look much better.
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Steam Locomotive General

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Previous one hit image limit edition
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We're doing subways wrong

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Smaller tunnels could be completed faster.
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When you see it #3

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When you see it

Previous thread: >>1516542
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>dies from getting hit by a car

>media calls it a "bike accident"
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Robert Moses

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What the fuck was his problem? Did he hate New York?
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/gag/ General Aviation General

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GA refers to all non-military or Part 121 flying, gliders, single engine trainers, spendy twin training, Part 135 prop or jet, corporate, fire fighting, etc. Regional peasants pls get bullied.
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For me, it's Bianchi. Good looking and good riding.
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