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Will Joe Biden fund mainline electrification as part of his infrastructure package? Will Joe bring back the Little Joes?
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Cycling nutrition

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I am going on a 100km tommorrow and I havnt done a ride like this in a long time. Has anybody got good suggestions for keeping my fuel up along with about 3 cereal bars (about 550 cal).
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I don’t think general aviation is as cool as people make it out to be.
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>heh it's so fun paying $200/h for a 50 year old rattletrap

Aviation is retarded.
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7 Deadly Sins of cycling

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1 - Carbon
2 - Suspension on the roads
3 - Lycra and spandex (Instant hellfire for paying to dress like an advertising hoarding)
4 - Drop bars for commuting
5 - Overbiking
6 - Backpack on back
7 - Buying into 'Gravelbike™' or any other consoomer bullshit
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Worst way to die on an airplane ?

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Is it TWA flight 800 ?
I cant think of any worse way to die
slowly burning to death while shit gets thrown in your face
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Bus Thread

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Post buses
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Why did airplanes look better in the past then they do now

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They all had a soul a look that you can’t replicate today in modern technology
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