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So is either Virginia or Georgia doing the right thing with rail planning.

Virginia is focusing on regional rail with no super high speeds (300km/h). But Georgia has pic related as an preferred alternative.
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Bros, born too early to travel through space and born too late to use cool, steam locomotive trains. Why even live?
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Why are road bikes so expensive these days?

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I remember when back in 2019 I could get a Canyon bike with a Tiagra groupset for less than 1000 eurobucks - right now, the best thing I can get for that price is some shit bike while bikes with aforementioned specs cost an additional 300 euros. Is it because of the pandemic or the bike jews are just inflating the prices?
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Should it still happen and more importantly should they keep the current plan or should it be changed by someone who doesn't live in london?
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wtf is amtrak's problem?
if each of these lines had high speed rail, they could compete with the airplane any time of the day between the two next major cities in the midwest, and probably actually make money instead of having to get bailed out by the government with enormous subsidies
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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I'm so glad I picked up biking.
thank you /n/.
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Eastbros, is ezpass a good deal just to drive across from Chicago to Boston and back? How bad are the toll stops in your state without it?
All states welcome.
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For me, it's Bianchi. Good looking and good riding.
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I am seriously hoping jail time.
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