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/pigs/- Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain general

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If the germans had it at some point, why can't we edition

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AHH STOP BIKING THROUGH RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS. No wonder cagers hate you. you dont cars going through red lights because nobody was coming.
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747 thread

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post jumbos
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Is there a way to find out online how busy a certain railway is?

this is in the Midwest USA btw

/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Obesity edition
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>duude reflectors and lights are sooooo uncool, only grandmas don't take all of that shit off as soon as they are out of the bike shop
>wtf why did he hit me in the middle of the night, couldn't he SEE me?
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>go into LBS
>looking to buy all arounder
>sales guy takes me over to Pugsley
>this is the true all arounder he says
>buy the Pug, use it for commute, trails, everything
>about 3 months later tires start to get a little thin
>get flat tire
>patch and re-inflate
>tear valve stem
>go down to LBS for new tube
>oh sorry anon we don't carry those tubes, we'll have to special order them
>should be here in 3 days anon
>3 days!?!
>this is my only transportation, how am I supposed to get to work for the next 3 days?
>not my problem, you should commute on a bike with more common components. Fat bikes are for sand and snow. That is why your tires wore out so quick, all that paved riding
>b-b-b-but your salesman said this was the best all-arounder
>Oh, he just meant it was the best for extreme conditions
>it kinda sucks for road riding/commuting
>well that is all I use it for! Maybe 10 miles a week of trails, but mostly just commuting
>will you let me return it then and get a cross bike?
>no sorry, we can't do that. We could buy it back from you, how's $130 sound?
>$130?!?! I paid $1,200 for it 3 months ago
>sorry anon, it is the best I could do for that bike. Not a lot of interest in fats around here. They're just not very practical in an ruben environment.

Fat bikes, not even once!

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I really want to put a dynamo on my bike but I'm too afraid that other cyclists will laugh at me for not having an LED light.
Am I just a dumb hipster who can't get with the times or is there still an active community who uses these?
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What will replace trains in the future?
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