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Good riddance

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Boeing : 1916-2021

Lost to Airbus on the Qantas deal : https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/airbus-wins-order-renew-qantas-fleet-sources-2021-12-15/

Not a single Boeing will be ordered

And now they lost the KLM deal too : https://mobile.twitter.com/AirFranceKLM/status/1471529414978588672?s=20

Not a single Boeing ordered too

Good riddance Boeing, keep riding at full speed on the same highway to hell that McDonnell Douglas took a few decades ago
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For me it's Flixbus.
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/tg/ - Trainspotting General

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Post your train photos. Trams, subways, light rail, maglev etc. good aswell.
Ill start with a photo with a bit of a story behind it.

The year is 1995, the Czech Republic came into existence just 2 years prior, the consequences of the communist regime can still be felt in day to day life.. despite any hardships, life must go on. And as such, in the forests of northern Moravia, a tiny freight train, headed by the 750.308 machine of the Krnov depot, got moving. As the train passes an oncoming Škoda Felicia, the young train driver looks out the window, to have a closer look on one of the newest and most modern models of cars to come out of the newly privatized Škoda factory in Mladá Boleslav. Despite his modest wage, perhaps even he could one day own such a cool car in this new world...
Except the year is 2022, the Škoda Felicia that just passed the train feels almost as ancient as the nearly half a century old "Goggles" locomotive and we actually find ourselves in Bohemia. Whilst the locomotive was serving in Moravia for a time during her years under the Czech Railways, ever since the elimination of class 750 locomotives out of service, she has been bought by the "Třistaosmička" club, named in her honor (the name being the number 308 written out in Czech). And this trip is no ordinary freight train either, instead its a train of the WYNX Pool company which fixed and borrowed the locomotive for a time and here it is transporting a very old coal wagon from Čerčany to Kutná Hora, which will be used to carry spare parts for this locomotive for the time being. In doing so, this locomotive visited the nr. 212 and nr. 014 railway lines for the first time in her 45 year or so long lifespan. And even if the photo is indeed taken in the year 2022, there are very few details that would give that fact away.

5. 1. 2022 I Mirošovice u Rataj nad Sázavou - Mitrov I CZ

streamlining thread

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streamlining: (transitive) To design and construct the contours of a vehicle etc. so as to offer the least resistance to its flow through a fluid.
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la fin

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haunting read about incompetence and how too much technologie can make us retard.

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What do you think?

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Population living in apartments is more efficient to create a good public transport system
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What's the point of the cover for the chain on a bicycle? On a brand new bicycle it's the first part that actually fails. Why aren't they made out of metal? Or just skip it entirely, it's useless unless you have wide pants.
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Unrealistic dream transit thread

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post your unrealistic dream transit networks
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/BBG/ - Bike Buying General

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Starting one since there was none in the catalogue.

Post a picture, dummy.
Also post your craigslist, height, weight, and what kind of riding you plan on doing
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