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Thanks to 9/11 we'll never get cool airports like this again
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ITA will replace Alitalia as Italy's state airline

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>Alitalia would stop operating on Oct. 15 and that all passengers holding Alitalia tickets to travel after that date would be offered alternatives

that took long enough, didn't it?

Electric locomotive general

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Nice rack edition

Post pics and discussions related to electric locomotives.
AC/DC, pantographs and 3rd rail are all welcome
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Is the DiamondBack Metro 1 a good bike for a consumer?
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Manlets Seething Edition

Outdated boomer tech:
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*cuts your lock in 1 minute*

heh nothing personal
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Daring flights.

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/mg/ — Maritime General

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Tall boi edition, last 1 hit thread limit