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You'll be firing Bittern today, son. You passed your apprenticeship. Do me proud.

I like to ride my bicycle!

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I like to ride my bike near the Milky Way near the tittles that fluctuate dairy nonsense. I truly am optimistic about everything the universe has to offer. From helicopters to miniature planes being held by bike riders & supported by people who crouch. Always make sure your bikes tires have the correct psi because you don’t wanna end up falling off your bike & faceplant leaving looking like tony little. Sing along!

I like to ride my cockcycle I like to suck my popcicle. .

So what's next now that we all are essentially learning to just "live with it"??

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So this did not kill public transit like people expected it to? Except for the vaccine mandates of course, or depending on your country, qr code contact tracing
Meawhile work from home also seems to be petering out, even though continuing it would reduce the need for commuting everyday and reliance on travel/public transit again, thus lowering risk of catching it.
Automobiles are hailed for protecting you from catching it on public transit, but if cities were designed to be more walkable/ bikable/ accessable with public transit and affordable missing middle housing, would people abandon cars if the future meant having to rely on impracticle outrageously expensive and rare earth/ fossil fuel burning dependent electric vehicles

where does equal access of mobility go from here?

Coomer moment

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>just finished my 4th consecutive fap

>it's 5:30 in the morning

>i will soon need to go to work

>didn't get enough sleep

>i just drank a coffee and smoked 3 cigs

>still no driving license

>still living whit my parents

>i lie to myself that i'l start working out tomorow so i will feel better

I want to start a publicly traded Railway Business.

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So let's say I want to heavily influence urban planning in a community, initially because I want to see change in my hometown but perhaps because of some way to profit. What is stopping me from negotiating to run my own trains for a profit to platforms I pay for along an existing railway? Furthermore, what is stopping me from essentially crowdfunding infrastructure in this manner, not from locals via tax but via say shares of a company or something. If I can guarantee profit through some proof of concept, then theoretically this should also be a new way to fund infrastructure privately. Now I'd have to identify profiitable rail lines that are not being exploited, but in my area that's not an issue. So far I haven't heard of anything that truly could stop me from doing this besides upfront capital but Im not worried about doing this tommorrow so whatever.
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What went wrong?
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Anyone ride for UberEats in NYC?

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do you think i'd be a good candidate for a dual sport bike?

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i just got my motorcycle license, i previously rode my bicycle everywhere

i'm 5'2/110 lbs, and dual sport motorcycles are much lighter compared to most cruisers/sports bikes, seems easier to step on and off too because less bulky

i expect to ride it all year, even when the roads are slushy from snow (so the tires are good)

have you ever seen people use these bikes for normal commuting? and could you do a cross country trip on one?

i was thinking 300cc
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Why aren't airships like the one by the sky pirates in laputa castle in the sky built?

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Why do people need to move around so much?
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