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I really want to put a dynamo on my bike but I'm too afraid that other cyclists will laugh at me for not having an LED light.
Am I just a dumb hipster who can't get with the times or is there still an active community who uses these?
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What will replace trains in the future?
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How much time would a road cyclist lose by riding in swimming shorts vs cycling shorts?
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>blocks you're path
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/rrmbg/ Retro Rigid Mountain Bike General - Peak Bike edition

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Now that even the industry is acknowledging that 90's mtb's, with their exceptionally high quality steel frames, absurdly versatile geometry and undeniably superior componentry are peak bike it's time that /n/. woke up to the new reality too.

For £70 you could have picked up picrel, handbuilt tange steel frame, LX componentry, 100% original and as good as, if not better than any £500 bike you could buy today if they were even available.

You can do anything on these bikes, technical trail riding, urban adventuring, commuting, gravel riding, touring, all you need to do is adapt the bike with minor alterations such as tyre choice, slap on some drop bars, add racks or panniers and you can transform these masterpieces of design and engineering to perform as well as anything comparable today without the recently increased perfected built in obsolescence.

30 - 40 year old bikes are out there doing the business, parts are still functioning like new, if you can find and buy a well looked after late 80's or early 90's mtb you will be come the proud owner of a peak bicycle, all the bike you'll ever need. So stop consooming and propping up the chinked/jewed bike industry and start buying used classics from other like minded souls and become a memebr of the new cycling elite.

I will post pics of some bikes below all of which sold in the last couple of weeks or so on ebay for less than £200 - what the fuck are you waiting for, get a fucking grip.
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So how does this service work? They give you a plane to fly and you fly it for free? Sounds like a nice way to build hours
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Tfw new trains built right here in the city, but they are Chinese.

Why couldn't we get a Japanese contractor instead?
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Why aren't we digging thin canals and transport all our good on a water railroads?