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Why do American buses look so much cooler than EUropoor ones?
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/BBG/- catch all thread for questions regading the purchase of new or used bicycles.

places where you can get new bikes RIGHT NOW:

Old bikes:
Facebook marketplace
your local bike co-op

REMEMBER: Nobody ever regretted spending too much to get a cool bike.
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Full face helmets

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There's no reason not to wear one other than - "they look goofy"

To avoid a hospital visit and painful stitches
- Full face helmet
- Gloves
- Elbow protectors
- Knee protectors
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Pedalling uphill, middle of nowhere

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See this coming straight at you

No time to turn.
What do?
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Lots of posts about planes, bikes and trains. What about the mark 1 standard issue feet, the original method of human transportation?
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Thoughts on the Lumos Ultra? It ticks all the boxes for me with the addition of a turn indicator, invaluable when it's dark out and drivers can't see hand signals.

Will it make me look more like a prick than I already am for being a road cyclist? What are some alternatives?
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Why is it that some Americans view biking and walking as "socialist"? Like if you put in a bike lane they call it "socialist" or "leftist"? It sounds absurd to anyone else.
Walking or cycling are just other means of transportation.
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How do I take up sailing as a pale person?
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