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Norwegian E39

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Norway’s 47 billion dollar highway project seems absolutely groundbreaking. Some of the highlights of the plan:

>poised to replace ferry services over fjords
>683 miles
>first of its kind floating, not anchored bridge
>longest underwater tunnel in the world
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Why are they so bad at flying commercial airplanes? I swear 60% of all Mayday episodes are set in South America
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747 Thread

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Post Jumbos
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The 29er is dead, long live the 36er

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Where were you when the bike industry ran out of ways of repackaging old ideas that make sense and went full blown retard?

The International Mountain Bicycling Association is already on board and they will be changing their competition rules accordingly, the hope is to give these revolutionary new bikes universal appeal and maximum credibility, all teams hoping to enter official competitions after 2022 will be required to field 36ers across the board.

Have you ordered yours yet? Or are you stuck in the past with your pathetic 29'' kids bike?
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/pybt/ post your bird thread

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>previous /pybt/
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Things cagies say

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"Who cares if you don't need a license, insurance, and tens of thousands of dollars in (((car payments))) and maintenance to commute like a car can!? A bike/trike can't carry a bunch of stuff or people like a car, van, or truck ca-"
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Rigid 90s Mtb thread

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Projects, classic bikes,

all bikes welcome
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my bike got stolen :(
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Linear Continuous System is a transport oriented development concept from the 1960s that could be implemented on district, regional and national level.
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