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What's the best airliner, and why is it the A220?
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When do you use a bike bell? How often do you use yours?
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How do I get out of the "warm up" phase quicker when cycling?
When I go out on a ride I spend the first 30 minutes painfully crawling along, before I finally enter the "magic zone" and am suddenly able to just pump out power completely effortlessly and sprint up hills.
How do I get to that point quicker?
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*resists your path*
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Are the cycling sunglasses still fake if theyre real to my face?
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>mfw Texas is getting the first high speed rail project in the country
>construction contract already signed for $16 billion
>100% private, not going for state or government gibs
>land completely bought, just waiting on permits from the federal government trying to cuck it at every step
>physical groundbreaking beginning this year, will be completed in 2023/24
If anything, comparing Texas Central Railway to California's fully government-run high speed rail project that still doesn't own all the land along its proposed route and has been in construction hell for 2 decades shows that private infrastructure is the only way America can build high speed rail.

There's gonna be 3 stations - in Dallas, Houston, and a central one near College Station that's probably gonna allow a new line later into Austin and San Antonio. This is just the start, once this route proves its profitability (which it obviously will on one of the shittiest highway commutes in the country) you'll see private HSR zooming ahead leaving Commiefornia in the dust.

/n/'s thoughts?
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You ever considered a motorcycle /n/?

>Inb4 /o/
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Chuo Shinkansen

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Do you root for it?

AUS + NZ Transport General

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Ladies and gentlemen,
The main (and only) train station of Australia's capital city
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