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how would you design transportation for a city without cars?
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You aren’t slower than a guy on a unicycle are you
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What radicalized you?
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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More Retirements Edition

Old Thread: >>1620827
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What's the best /n/ city in the USA to live in?
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Is New York metro really that bad?
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This is the general thread where you ask about new and old bikes and we give you the yeah yo or the nay no my brother. Looking for something used? Give us your city, height and riding style/goals and we will help you.

If you find any black friday/thanksgiving/xmas deals on bikes post them up.

NO Whining. NO Grouching. NO Goobers. ON YOUR BIKE
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Its a good day /n/ bros. Just like a cop, our final goal of putting ourselves out of a job has come. Blow up the bridges, close all the roads. Now the average person can live anywhere! Huzzah!

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why dont modern aircraft have wide wings with incorporated engines?

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I understand the argument for large planes that are designed for civil aviation because they need to maximise safety and have a minimum of maintenance costs to remain competitive, but this still feels like a great concept. especially for military aircraft or maybe even seaplanes which benefit from the decreased foreign object intake that podded engines dont provide (such as the saunders roe princess)
also post images of planes that don't make use of podded engines.
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>have become cyclingpilled
>cycle or walk everywhere
>now increasingly angry at cars and how much the world is ruined due to them
>realise the car industry have cultivated a culture of carfaggotry and anti-cycling to further their own profits
Fuck bros what the hell do we do against the car menace?
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