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why dont modern aircraft have wide wings with incorporated engines?

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I understand the argument for large planes that are designed for civil aviation because they need to maximise safety and have a minimum of maintenance costs to remain competitive, but this still feels like a great concept. especially for military aircraft or maybe even seaplanes which benefit from the decreased foreign object intake that podded engines dont provide (such as the saunders roe princess)
also post images of planes that don't make use of podded engines.
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Why are they so bad at flying commercial airplanes? I swear 60% of all Mayday episodes are set in South America
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Exploring Long Island on a bike

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I want to hop on the LIRR and explore some towns on Long Island. Does /n/ have any recommendations?
My bike’s a single-speed so nothing grueling, just wanna see some historic town centers and/or beach towns.

aus/n/z thread: NGR hate edition

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goddamn i hate these pajeet pieces of shit so much
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NYC Regional Rail Fantasy

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>We could have had it all
>Rolling in the deep
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/n/ abominations

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Post pictures of absolutely grim transportation infrastructure
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Tractors thread

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Discuss these wonders of engineering.
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>relegates pedestrians to tiny slits on either end of the road
>blocks 80% pavement when not driving

I'm just so sick of cars. I really am.
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is there any other train kino besides station agent?
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