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ITT: Ki/n/o

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Boats or trains?
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ITT: Amshaks

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ITT: we share the "best" Amtrak stations from across America

I'll begin with Houston, Texas. Pop. ~7 million (fourth largest city in the USA)

Houston sees six trains per week. Eastbound departures scheduled for 12:10pm; westbound departures scheduled for 6:55pm.
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How long until one of these composite planes snaps in two mid flight?
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am i weird for liking inner-city expressways?
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Why do we build so many roads if the world is moving towards WFH and VR/AR? One day we'll go outside to look at empty streets and wonder whey the hell we built all of this.

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What went wrong?
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Tour Busses

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ITT: luxurious tour busses
lets start off with the Neoplan MEGALINER™.
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"Spring" Touring edition.
A place to talk about tours and the like. Stay hydrated and post comfy pics.
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What is the absolute optimal city bike design?
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