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>be me
>be femanon
>riding my rigid 90s steel mountain bike
>dressed casually, no cycling specific clothes (unless a helmet counts)
>on a paved bike path
>enjoying the nice spring weather
>begin to come up on someone from behind
>a fat guy
>wearing full cycling kit
>including Air Attack helmet
>on an S-Works road bike
>he hears me approaching and looks back
>he quickly looks forward and starts pedaling as hard as he can
>I'm keeping pace with him without even trying
>he keeps looking back at me
>literally every 5 seconds he looks back
>looks visibly distressed, as if afraid that he is going to be passed by a girl on a mountain bike
>he keeps looking back every 5 seconds or so and this goes on for several minutes
>we get to a climb
>he slows down to an excruciatingly slow pace so I pass him immediately
>when I get to the top of the hill I look back out of curiosity, he is only a third of the way up at best
>a few minutes later, stop at one of my favorite rest stops, a nice park overlooking a lake
>about ten minutes later, fat guy passes by
>stares at me as he passes
>a few minutes later, get back on my bike and resume my ride
>not long before I've caught up to fatty again
>he looks back and sees me
>he immediately stops, gets off his bike, turns it upside down, and starts spinning the wheel as if inspecting it
>clearly pretending to have mechanical issues to justify stopping, when really he just doesn't want to be passed by a girl on a mountain bike
>ask him if he is okay or needs help with his bike
>"yes I'm fine thanx. just having a bit of a rest"
Pic related, looks almost exactly like him.
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Why does a new Cessna 172 cost $400,000 when my $20,000 Hyundai has a more powerful engine and more advanced technology in it?
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"Both easier and harder than I thought it'd be" edition

Welcome to the /gag/ - /gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome.
Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, no nudes. Bikefags not allowed :^)

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I miss this livery like you wouldn't believe
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All Freds, report in! Show us your fancy bikes and gear! Tell us how short your last ride was! Tell us about that qt3.14 who passed you on a mountain bike even though you were on your $9001 cf tt bike!

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>be a fair ways into my ride (50 miles maybe)
>was very tired before I even started my ride from long rides the past few days
>on a mtb-style hybrid
>don't remember the last time I was passed by a girl
>only people that ever pass me are on road bikes, usually in suits, and I pass some of them too
>a girl (along with a guy) passes me
>they're on road bikes, dressed pretty pro
>she's tall, huge legs, perfect body for biking
>I was already very tired, so understandable
>so what, no girl passes me
>catch up to them at intersection
>trail them a while
>they slow down
>I could pass them, but I don't want to pass them then get passed back, so I just trail them a bit longer
>then they speed up
>pull farther and farther away from me
>out of sight
>occasionally when there's a long line of visibility I'll catch a glimpse right before they go around a turn or over a hill
>going hard, but still not that fast cause very tired
>finally close to them
>they turn onto road
>not that far behind them, I cross road and get onto trail going along road
>there's a bike/walk bridge over the river a little ways from here
>I'm going to beat them to it
>pedal all out
>putting about as much effort into this as I've ever put into anything
>but it's still the easiest thing I've ever done in my life
>dat adrenaline
>catch up to them
>this is it
>pass them at what feels like twice their speed
>keep going full speed
>slow down as I'm arriving at the bridge
>look back
>they're a ways back and turn off the road onto a ramp to get onto another road
>flawless victory
>ride a little more then go home and take a shower and get some much needed rest

/RBG/ Retro Bike Genenral - '1996:The beginning of the end' edition

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A thread for all things retro cycling related, share you tired old reliable workhorses, pristine show ponies or timeless thoroughbreds. Anything from before 1996 accepted.
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/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread: Spring "gravel" edition

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Why haven’t they outlawed propeller airplanes yet? Isn’t this inferior technology? Is it even safe? I literally cancelled one of my flights when I found out it was on a Dash Q400.
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21 million people live in this dense, rapidly-growing region.
There is no reason you couldn't run high-speed rail here.
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