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Question to my /n/ bros.

Do you follow real estate developments in your city?
I live in a southern city that was really sprawled, but in the last several years has seen a lot of downtown development focused on pedestrianism and transit-oriented stuff. That breathes life into the city and makes a lot of transportation/infrastructure projects possible. So I was wondering if I’m the only /n/erd who follows commercial real estate news.
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>beats you up Mt. Baldy
>still buys you Halo-Halo

We all know about the QT low country WWT honeys but the USA has the hottest spinner.

Congestion Pricing

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What are /n/'s thoughts on it?

I think it's a good way to make cars pay for their infrastructure, and encourage drivers to drive elsewhere.
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Public transit has it's place in the world: It raises the quality-of-life for the working poor, who otherwise would be severely limited by a lack of transportation, and, admittedly, in densely-populated urban centers, where owning a car can be a serious financial liability.
But let's face it Anons: Pic related is the absolute truth, and no one can logically, rationally refute it.
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/BBG/ Bike Buy General

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ITT we wank together about which bikes are worth their schmeckles and good for you.

Newcomers and oldfags get in here

Old thread
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ITT: post where you live that has been cucked from good transportation, especially railway. Victoria, BC
>when it was operating here it was slow, bumpy and ran maybe once a day.
>they shut it down over 8 years ago and all the lines were bought by some bogus foundation that has done literally nothing besides let it rot
>our buses are fucking shit for a decent sized city, constantly off schedule, sometimes you can just not have a bus at the scheduled time and wait an extra 20 minutes.
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>He will never use public transit for any reason
Why should you?
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How to fix the New York Subways
>Add a ring line
>reduce stations by half--currently some lines have stations every two blocks, that's too many stops
>remove redundant lines like the F or the 1--riders can just walk a few blocks to parallel lines
>add trolley-service to complement the subways
>expand stations and strictly enforce tickets
>fare based on travel length
Your welcome
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Transport-related vidya game /vn/, computers in OpenTTD edition
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels? Part 2

Old thread here (not yet 404'd at the time of this threads creation!): >>848145
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