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/chad/ - Oldtimer edition

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Thread on everything /n/ related in the German speaking areas of Europe.
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Old Russian planes

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Old Soviet planes are the most beautiful, and sound like a jet should sound. That's real flying and not some computers with wings like western crap. Airbus and Boeing "pilots" don't even know how fly, they can only read checklists and press buttons.
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What do you think of partaking in a little hotleaf before a ride?

For me, it's basically PEDs
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Germany has introduced the first 500km electric highway on its motorway system to fully power hybrid trucks as they drive
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Is This The Future ? - Work Bike Post

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I am one for advancement of the industry to meet demands of commercial enterprises, to create jobs for riders and others that like the idea and want to get involved, but some of these newer Work Bikes are ridiculous to see on the road. Newer Pilot Programs are failing everywhere with oversized trashy designs that are barely novelties that wont function in place of normal vehicles. They definitely could use more class like pic related
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is MIPS a meme?
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747 thread

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post jumbos
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You ever considered a motorcycle /n/?

>Inb4 /o/
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I saw a bike today. Breaking Away bike got thicc

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Hey lads saw a neat bike today at the LBS. Masi Randonneur Speciale 650b...1850 usd. Nice columbus tubing, full fenders and designed for these weirdo baloony wtb 650b tanwalls...

Masis have been shipping with these leglet 48t cranks but on this one it makes a bit more sense.
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The Olympics are coming up soon. The games are notorious for being shit for cities and their residents. Is there any benefit, from a transportation or urban planning perspective, to having the Olympics or any similar sports event to a city? Have there been any benefits or successes that came out of a city hosting a major sports event recently? What sort of future will these mega-events have on the future of cities?
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