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>Cyclists bad
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ITT: Amshaks

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ITT: we share the "best" Amtrak stations from across America

I'll begin with Houston, Texas. Pop. ~7 million (fourth largest city in the USA)

Houston sees six trains per week. Eastbound departures scheduled for 12:10pm; westbound departures scheduled for 6:55pm.
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Why do they fly so far out of the way when they could just fly straight across?
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>but I don't wanna buy a bike computer, it's too expensive!
>*straps a $1000 phone to the bike, rapes the non-removable battery in 2 weeks of riding*
>crashes, destroys the phone
Why do people do this?
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What's the point of these private trains?

They're literally exactly the same as every other train.
Literally no one cares which company runs it, people just take whatever train that comes.

You have no other option lol

Positive public transit experiences

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Everyone always complains about their negative public transportation experiences, but what are some positive things that have happened to you on the bus/subway/train/etc?

WebM related I guess.
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Tractors thread

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Discuss these wonders of engineering.
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