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Post your local station

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Post your stop or favorite station you use.
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Walk Thread

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Where you been walking bros?
What was that app that was like a game?
What shoes would you rec for long walking on concrete and dirt?
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Velomobile thread

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Recently I got really interested in velomobiles.
I am thinking of building one myself, due to high prices and in my opinion some questionable design choices of consumer ones.
My primary use would be commuting to work and stuff. This way I also get to do some exercise and commute at the same time.
Also I would use it to travel/tour. Maybe with full reclining seat, I wouldn't need a tent.

Has anyone here driven velomobiles, maybe even tour in one?
What did you like/hate? What would be your concerns?
Any experience and advice appreciated.

And why are consumer ones so weird looking? Some of the racing HPVs look much better.
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What's the ideal bike rack design?
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>cheaper than bike
>safer than bike
>less maintenance than bike
>more maneuverable than bike
>can ride on sidewalks without being a dick to pedestrians
>foldable, can be comfortably carried on commutes, in grocery stores, taken to the office etc
>comfortable ride with a straight spine, no need to bend over and and jam a seat into your rectum
Kick scooter is the ultimate short distance urban mogger
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ITT: Comfy Train Interiors
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Imagine how much better transportation related internet forums would be if typing the words "dutch" or "netherlands" was grounds for an instant permanent ban. It would filter out all the dumbs whose opinions are just blindly memorized buzzwords

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What do you guys think of SpaceX's Starship?
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Hey /N/erds help a bike normie out.

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So my bike makes a clicking sound as I pedal and it's driving me nuts. I'm sorry this is such a basic question. I've done a fair bit of troubleshooting so far.
>Makes annoying click about once per revolution of the crank
>Clicking gets louder with harder pedaling
>Does not do it if I lift rear wheel and spin crank
>Does not do it pedaling backwards
>Crank pedals seem fine
>No play in front or rear sprockets.

I've cleaned the chain, checked my deraiuller adjustments, greased my seatpost, made sure my wheel quick detach things were tight, and it only gets worse. What do I do if it is the crank? I can about feel the click now.

Bike in reference is a ~2018 khs Urban extreme
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