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What is it about bikes that so triggers Americans?
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UK Cagers BTFO

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New rules in the UK place cyclists above cagers in the road users hierarchy

What thinks /n/?
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/tg/ - Trucking General

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This thread is for drivers, dispatchers, and brokers to discuss trucking as well as anyone who is just interested in the industry
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When you see it #3

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When you see it

Previous thread: >>1516542
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How do I meet an aesthetic biker girl like pic rel? The less she showers the better

How to ride bike?

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I just for the life of me can't figure it out. I'm following all these tutorials, but I still can't just push and balance.

I've been go at it for weeks, go down a shallow hill to learn how to balance but I still can't get it.

My balls ache, my abs are sore.
I feel like burning the bike itself and be done with it.
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/mg/ Maritime General

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Low speed maglev

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Do you believe in this technology for metro and commuter rail? Apparently they can climb steeper slopes and accelerate quicker with less noise though I dont know the exact figures.
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>British trains STILL do not have ATP
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Last one got nuked due to gayness

Ask your bike related questions, please please post a picture
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