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Hey /N/erds help a bike normie out.

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So my bike makes a clicking sound as I pedal and it's driving me nuts. I'm sorry this is such a basic question. I've done a fair bit of troubleshooting so far.
>Makes annoying click about once per revolution of the crank
>Clicking gets louder with harder pedaling
>Does not do it if I lift rear wheel and spin crank
>Does not do it pedaling backwards
>Crank pedals seem fine
>No play in front or rear sprockets.

I've cleaned the chain, checked my deraiuller adjustments, greased my seatpost, made sure my wheel quick detach things were tight, and it only gets worse. What do I do if it is the crank? I can about feel the click now.

Bike in reference is a ~2018 khs Urban extreme
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Retard Cyclist Thread

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>ride for long periods with no hands because I feel like a centaur
>completely ignore all traffic laws while giving everyone else but other cyclists the right of way
>remind people in masks that they’re outside
>never wear a helmet don’t even own one
>pop shirt off after passing milfs headed the same way
>stop to hold the turtles
>stand on pedals arms outstretched and fly down every hill
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General - Proper Retro MBT edition

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Last thread hit bump limit.

Previous low effort threads

read up:

Come on /n/, let's at least attempt to make this one semi tolerable shall we? be nice, post pics if you need help, if you have advice give it in a calm and helpful manner, no bullying, no racism, not too much homophobia, no elitism, I mean we all love bikes right? And if we have nothing at all in common beyond that one small thing it makes us a good as brothers.
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What's the best mode of transport for me that isn't a car?
>able to go decent distances
>easy to maintain
I'm a fat guy looking to exercise while exploring my area.

When you see it #3

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When you see it

Previous thread: >>1516542
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choose life
choose train simulator 2021
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>has been on a 2 day long Amtrak trip across the country because mom and I were too scared to fly
>train goes 80 mph through mountain tunnels late at night
>looks up rail accidents from the past decade
>over 100 results for United States
>looks up japan's
>only 5 in the entire decade

And the US REALLY thinks having an advanced train system like Japan will work well for us?

*Single tracks your HSR*

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Who's a traffic engineer here?

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What do you think of Charles Marohn's ideas?

Is he right?
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What city in Germany has the nicest rail transit?
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