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It's Halloween /n/iggers

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Post spooky /n/ stuff
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How do we solve the cycling audience problem?
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He removed his AbsoluteBlack videos.
Not just the videos, even Peak Torque removed all mentions of the AbsoluteBlack scam from his Q&A video.
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Aussie Bikers Raise Middle Finger at USA Flag

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These badass Aussie Bikers hate the USA but love their Harley Davidson boomercycles. Maybe they should start riding Chinese mopeds instead?
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Kings Cross

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People rave about St Pancras International, and rightly so; still, for me, there's something about Kings Cross next door. It's reasonably-sized, it's spacious, it's accessible, and there are a few places to eat, drink, and stock up on provisions for your journey. It's quite nice.
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Commieblock general

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Since this is the urban planning board right? but what would be a house without a road.
lets have a Thread about nice blocks which are our only alternative to suburbs as far as you can see.
But we do not want pods where you cant see the sunrise and only sleep there in the night.

A example is Alterlaa in Viena not commie but great architecture. so ill post pictures.
feel free to ad more and discuss.
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Why are German trains so slow?

Why can't there be a Berlin-Munich train in less than 3 hours rather than the 4 hours and 30 minutes it takes now?

Or Berlin to Frankfurt in 2 hours rather than the 4 hours it takes now?

Or Hamburg-Berlin in 90 minutes rather than 2 hours and 30 minutes?
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Are railroad tracks really that hazardous to bicycles? Does this actually happen if you aren't swerving around?
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What’s going to happen to oil companies when the majority of new cars produced are electric?
Will they still be lobbying to expand highways and kill rail lines?
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