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/7700/ - Flight Emergency General

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The transponder codes of doom.
>7500 - Hijacking
>7600 - Radio failure
>7700 - Emergency
Every day, there are a few pilots who have to change their transponder to one of the sacred trio for when shit gets real in the sky (although 99% of the time it doesn't mean they're fucked).
ITT, we...
-Tell our emergency stories. It doesn't matter if you didn't squawk 7700, just give us your tale.
-Monitor live 7700's and 7600's. You can configure alerts for when somebody starts squawking 7700 or 7600.
-Sit and wait for the inevitable brick-shitting 7500 alert.
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>82% for roads
>18% for transit

Lmao it's EVEN WORSE than the traditional 80/20 funding split. FUCK boomers and FUCK congress
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/n/, are you thankful?
consider the following:
Bicycles are better than cars- in a world where people accept this and special lanes are devised for cagers, delivery, civil services and public transport, then we are all healthier, happier, richer, and ironically, we get to work sooner without ever having to stop, using ramps and civil engineering, wind tunnels, etc.

There's just one problem in bike world, suddenly everyone's riding a bike. See, if people were smart, they'd ask the government for pay as you go insurance, and buy a bike and ride it, saving fuel, money, and perhaps even gym fees or medical bills. But they aren't. Get it? If we accommodate the world for bicycles when we know and advertise their benefit, we are spoon-feeding a lesser breed, and thus the culture would dip in a severe way. Cyclists would become the guys revving for attention, now finding newer and dumber ways to make their bikes attention grabbers. Men would tag behind women cyclists just to get a good view. People would get stalked, and physical harassment would ensue more quickly.

We need cagers, just like we need animal cages. They are The Caged. We are keeping them away from us by putting them in a cage. Why let them out of the cage if they prefer it? Why muddy a culture and hobby with the imbecilic tendencies of the masses when they can't even take it upon themselves to better their lives?

Be thankful bicycles are counted as the poor man's vehicle, the DUIs, potheads, thieves and the broke among us are not our denigration by association, but our veils from a society of the wholly stupid. In bicycle world, so many freedoms we take for granted are revoked. As for now, we can do what we like. Rejoice.
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What are the telltale signs a city is full?
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Electric Planes

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What do you guys think of electric planes?
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why is tokyo's planning so good?
why didn't american cities, particularly new ones on the west coast, take cues from tokyo?
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Posting some unusual bikes (largely unconventional/esoteric frame designs)
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People go crazy over this
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>two landing runway and one takeoff runway
>one landing runway and two takeoff runway

What is the best?
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