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What city in Germany has the nicest rail transit?
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why is tokyo's planning so good?
why didn't american cities, particularly new ones on the west coast, take cues from tokyo?
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such a sick build. damn.
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Union Pacific

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This RR is going to implode and be bought by another rr, or get bailed our by Dementia Joe. I give it 2 or 3 years tops.
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I look at all the double decker trains that exist for both containers & passengers and I feel like my country is missing out because our overhead lines aren't tall enough.

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So uh. My boss told me I need to get 50 custom bikes made with the company colours and branding. I don't even ride a bike. Where do I even start? Surely some of you faggots know of a manufacturer/bike brand that would be able/down to do this.

Uh, if you can't contribute idk, post branded bikes I guess.
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>Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional
Someone once said this in relation to cycling. I disagree. For anyone who truly embraces cycling, especially endurance cycling, suffering is inevitable too. Someone who truly embraces cycling, a true cyclist, will not stop simply when they reach pain. They will keep pushing themselves until they are in so much pain that suffering is no longer optional. And they will embrace that suffering. For an endurance cyclist, or any endurance athlete, heaven and hell become synonymous. To an endurance athlete, heaven is the glory in going beyond one's physical and mental limits. And hell is the suffering in doing so. The suffering is the glory.
What would be the point of cycling if it didn't involve suffering?
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*cuts your bike lock in 5 seconds*

heh nothing personal
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Aerion AS2

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Of all the ambitious engineering projects, I figured the AS2 to be one of the least likely survive the pandemic.

But I'll be damned; they already have $1 billion in pre-orders. As of April 2021, the AS2 development is in the final stages of wind tunnel testing and they hope to get their prototype flying by 2025.

And apparently if that wasn't enough, they've teased future plans for a bigger 4-engine, 50 passenger supersonic airliner.

I'm not sure if I should be thoroughly impressed that such an ambitious project made it through the worst economic crisis since the 1928 crash, or disgusted that the ever widening class inequality in the west has spurred a tangible demand for, of all things, a supersonic private Jet.



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