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>850 cyclists killed in 2018
>5,000 motorcycle riders killed in 2018

Why are cities dumping millions into bike infrastructure while motorcylists get nothing but death?
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Manlets still seething edition
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/fgg/ - Fixed Gear General

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I go away for a few months and there's no general? Sad!

For this month: Enjoy fixed gear. Appreciate not coasting. Have fun with hektik skidz.
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Cinelli is in trouble. They took this already down, but still being cancelled.
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Why are road bikes so expensive these days?

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I remember when back in 2019 I could get a Canyon bike with a Tiagra groupset for less than 1000 eurobucks - right now, the best thing I can get for that price is some shit bike while bikes with aforementioned specs cost an additional 300 euros. Is it because of the pandemic or the bike jews are just inflating the prices?
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Do any American cities have bike parking?
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I will ride my bike on the sidewalk and there's nothing you can do about it.
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Continued from >>1482110

Post your airports #19, starting with ICT
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Continued from>>1428181

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #18 Starting with ARN
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High income normie bike experience

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- earn high 5-figure USD salary in a Western country

- buy a good bike, yes they pay over the odds, vs the components, but it is good

- if Shimano, is at the very least XT / Ultegra

- any slight problem, take it to the bike shop

- sticks to regular maintenance schedule, doesn't care if bike shop rips them off because they can afford it

- at most they oil the chain and change a punctured tire

I don't envy these people, they're constantly taking the easy option.
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