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Rigid 90s Mtb thread

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Projects, classic bikes,

all bikes welcome
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Linear Continuous System is a transport oriented development concept from the 1960s that could be implemented on district, regional and national level.
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>why don't you want to use the subway?
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how would you design transportation for a city without cars?
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I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe
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Why are modern bikes so ugly?
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>trust me, one more lane will fix it this time
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How do you keep your bike safe from burglars on your own property?
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Zamboni/Ice Resurfacer

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I get to drive one of these at work. Any burning questions?
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dont really know which other board this would belong to, /n/ seems to cover non-personal transportation of things including people

anyway has anyone else had amazon parcels 'delivered' then they havent actually turned up until a few days later?
i imagine this may be something to do with hitting company targets or being able to boast certain delivery standards
i got notification that my parcels were delivered earlier while i was out, but the house aws empty and my security cam didnt catch anyone even stepping off the sidewalk