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I could not imagine anything worse than being killed in a bike crash. Everything is going smoothly and then suddenly your frame pitches violently and rotates over the front axle. If you're on platform pedals you’re lucky but only momentarily. Your body enters a free fall while the inside of your helmet fills with screams, those in straps or clipped in are thrown around like rag dolls - your head smashing into the ground or the nearest stationary object. The elapsed time makes you realize the handlebars and brakes can not correct the line of travel and it sets in that you’re going to die. During daytime or with a carefully selected StVZO lighting system you are at least granted knowledge of the impact distance. At night without lights it is a complete surprise. You’re stuck in a foam hat and wrapped in a polyester and gore tex sausage casing until the moment you make contact with the thing that will kill you, likely upside down. You know you’re going to die, you just don’t know when. It’s a surprise, like being sniped in the head. Depending on the nature of the accident you could crack your skull against the pavé or you could be dragged under a cage from the vacuum effect of a team car's slipstream and free fall through the windshield or into the wheel well. Any scenario is completely disturbing and unpleasant to think about. I would never wish to experience this in my life.