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Cars hate thread

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>be carnigger
>have to pay road tax
>forced under threat of violence to pay for insurance
>constantly have to buy petrol
>pay for parking
>follow all rules of the road
>constantly fear that your license will be revoked
>medical exams
>can't even drink beer
>can't have any illness, otherwise your license will be revoked
>has more responsibilities than rights
>parking is hard and retarded
>fights with other carniggers because of parking spaces
>shitty visibility, carniggers can kill you because you were in the "blind spot"
>retarded pedestrian niggers are constantly throw themselves under the wheels and you will be to blame
>some drunk pedestrian nigger runs a red light
>gets hit by carnigger
>somehow carniggers fault despite the drunk pedestiran running the red

Take the bikepill, white man.
>cheap to buy
>cheap and fun to maintain
>cheap and easy to upgrade
>no tax
>no fuel
>don't create noise or air pollution
>can go literally wherever you want
>no parking problems
>no license needed
>you can even ride drunk
>no cop will stop you