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Why is carbon a thing in bikes?

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I get it, it's light and quite strong, but at the same time you have to treat it like a fucking egg. Hit something? Into the bin it goes. Overtorque a screw? Into the bin it goes. Undertorque a screw? Into the bin it goes after a XK miles. Oh you were unlucky and got carbon with a manufacturing defect you can't tell without ultrasound or some other faggotry? Enjoy your bike folding under you at a random moment.
I can get it with racing bikes actually used for racing by pro-racers, dedicated team of mechanics etc, but why the fuck every not-bottom-tier bike with a rigid fork, has to have that fork made out of carbon? Any damage to that that shit or too-much / too-little torque and you're fucked according to the interwebs. Steel is durable and flexible and aluminum is durable and light. Both are cheaper, why bother with carbon in consumer bikes? Also, the stiffness and bump absortion is bullshit, you get better results with lower tire pressure and tubeless really pays off and can be done for cheap.
So far this is what my tiny brain deduced. So either it's a shill's world and bike manufacturers fuck the customers selling shit that will not last and can be a potential hazard, or there is something I don't get and carbon is actually magic and all the internet "better not ride it cause a dentist cost more" are the actual shill trying to convince you to buy a new part.
Also carbon parts thread, I think.