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The truth about sharturbs

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/n/ is full of rootless "white" suburban shills spreading blatant disinformation about mass suburbanizm and motorization, so it's time to reveal the truth.
Protestant US elites were always hostile to Catholics and in 30-50s they were afraid that one day USA will become a catholic country.
At that time Catholics lived in cities, in their own ethnic neighborhoods in northern cities so US government decided to drive them out of cities, which means that Catholics would have no political and cultural influence.
And that's how it was done:
1. Blacks from southern states were resettled into government-funded commieblocks near ethnic neighborhoods.
2. That resettlement created tension in ethnic neighborhoods.
3. At the same time, government promotes suburbs as solution to that problem, weakening ethnic cohesion of diasporas.
4. Catholics don't live in cities anymore and they are ready to be americanized. Their neighborhoods were either sold for low price and redeveloped later or demolished to make a way for highways.
5. And now descendants of those people coping hard by spreading bullshit about "free market" or "people wanted suburbs" while being a rootless, isolated and atomized coomsooming mass.

I'm pretty sure that communist-tier zoning laws in US were created to prevent building of new ethnic neighborhoods.

tl;dr: suburbanization was a massive social engineering project, used as a weapon by US government in the war against Catholics.