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tiktok about to get banned from everything

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so i just watched this after seeing a link to it on reddit:

and he's calling out tiktok for basically creating a lot of trash and a lot of what is borderline porn of teenagers.

about 12:30 into the video he talks about the really trashy stuff. do you guys think that this app or posting sexual content on it should be banned?

curious to hear your thoughts.
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Totally not a RACIST

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> Trump Rambles About ‘Good Genes’ and ‘Racehorse Theory’ at Minnesota Campaign Rally
> President Trump told supporters at a campaign rally in Minnesota on Saturday that they’re genetically blessed. “You have good genes, you know that, right? You have good genes. A lot of it is about the genes, isn’t it, don't you believe? The racehorse theory. You think we’re so different? You have good genes in Minnesota.”
> The “racehorse theory” of genetics holds that some human beings are born genetically superior to others, and Trump has reportedly attributed his success to his genes.

Is this what a non-racist persons says?

>You have good genes. A lot of it is about the genes, isn’t it, don't you believe? The racehorse theory

Please tell me again how TRUMP is not a RACIST.
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Trump's fascist AG declares that he alone is the law, stockpiled live ammo to use on protestors

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Attorney General William P. Barr delivered a scathing critique of his own Justice Department on Wednesday night, insisting on his absolute authority to overrule career staffers, who he said too often injected themselves into politics and went “headhunting” for high-profile targets.
Speaking at an event hosted by Hillsdale College, a school with deep ties to conservative politics, Barr directly addressed the criticism that has been building for months inside the department toward his heavy hand in politically sensitive cases, particularly those involving associates of President Trump.
>“What exactly am I interfering with?” he asked. “Under the law, all prosecutorial power is invested in the attorney general.”
Barr’s comments were remarkable in that the head of the Justice Department catalogued all of the ways in which he thought his agency had gone astray over the years, and in its current formulation harms the body politic. Barr has drawn considerable criticism for intervening in criminal cases in ways that help benefit the president’s friends.
The attorney general said it was he, not career officials, who has the ultimate authority to decide how cases should be handled, and he derided less-experienced, less-senior bureaucrats who current and former prosecutors have long insisted should be left to handle their cases free from interference from political appointees.
Barr said that argument, in essence, means “the will of the most junior member of the organization” would determine decisions, but he insisted he would not “blindly” defer to “whatever those subordinates want to do.”
“Letting the most junior members set the agenda might be a good philosophy for a Montessori preschool, but it is no way to run a federal agency,” he said.
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Coronavirus killing off GameStop

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>Videogame and collectibles retailer GameStop Corp. reported a larger-than-expected 27% sales drop and a wider adjusted loss for the second quarter amid the pandemic.

>Shares in aftermarket trading dropped by as much as 6%.

>Video game retailer GameStop’s online sales skyrocketed during the second quarter, but its net losses still continue to grow as the company is forced to continue slashing inventory and keep most physical locations closed. The retailer’s focus on cutting costs could make it harder for it to keep up with demand for next-generation consoles, which begin hitting shelves in just two months.

>GameStop’s net loss this quarter was $111.3 million, up from roughly $104 million last quarter. Its net sales from gaming products totaled $942 million, down nearly 27% annually.

>While its net loss increased quarterly, GameStop was quick to note in its Sept. 9 earnings report that it has cut losses year-over-year — during Q2 last year the retailer lost $415.3 million.

>Online e-commerce sales across the globe rose 800% during the quarter, and GameStop said those sale statistics are included in the overall comparable sales measurements, which declined roughly 13% in Q2.

>The company slashed inventory in half this quarter, leading to a roughly 30% reduction in expenses compared to the second quarter of last year, GameStop said. But the retailer’s focus on cutting costs and inventory could make it harder for it to keep up with demand for next-generation consoles, which begin hitting shelves in just two months.
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Milwaukee man mobbed by BLM activists—arrested for trying to defend his home

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Activists in Milwaukee, Wisc. staged a protest at a neighbour's home on Monday, alleging that he was racist. Police were called when the man could be seen holding a gun, and then he was arrested. The story was reported on Twitter by Kitty Shackleford.

As the crowd watches, laughs, and sings "you about to go to jail," an officer enters the man's home and seconds later escorts him out in handcuffs. The crowd goes exuberantly wild with applause and cheers.

"You about the go to jail," a voice calls out over a megaphone, while other activists scream "F*** you, Pete," and "Don't arrest me, arrest 'Pistol Pete!'"

After the man was removed from his home, the crowd remains, playing music, laughing, and joking that the man was now "Parole Pete." This was his third nickname of the evening after "Pushy-a** Pete" and "Pistol Pete."

A Black Lives Matter banner lays in the street, and a BLM fist cutout is present, while an American flag can be seen hanging near the man's front door.

Organized on Facebook, and with the intention of holding a "protest party," Vaun L. Mayes planned the gathering in front of his neighbour's home. He collected donations to prep for the festivities. The belief that the man is racist appears to have been inspired by a 15 second video shot by children and posted to Facebook.

The scene before the arrival of the police is a party, with music, laughter, and both adults and children dancing in the streets. Many people shoot the man's home with cell phones. No one in the crowd seems at all intimidated or afraid of the man they are protesting, rather it is a scene of exuberance.

The confrontation came to a head when the activists called the man out directly. Lights are shone on his home, which dons an American flag and an "all aboard the Trump Train" sign.
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Trump Shuts Down CDC's 'Critical Race Theory' Seminars After CDC Disobeys Order

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President Donald Trump has cracked down on the Centers for Disease Control reported decision to disobey a directive defunding federal diversity training seminars that utilize critical race theory.

On Sept. 4, Trump’s administration announced its decision to cancel and defund training seminars within federal agencies that teach government employees critical race theory.

Critical race theory is a theoretical and interpretive philosophy taught at various universities that instructs individuals to see racism as something that has infected every aspect of American culture.

Additionally, CRT assumes that those problems can primarily be solved through social activism and a reorganization of society.

Despite Trump’s order, the Discovery Institute’s Christopher Rufo, an investigative reporter, revealed the CDC was purportedly moving forward with a 13-week critical race theory program.

TRENDING: Fred Weinberg: Trump Just Shoved a Hockey Stick Down Dem Gov. Sisolak's Throat

Rufo released via Twitter CDC diversity training documents that he said were given to him by a disgruntled whistleblower.

The documents claim that “racism is a public health crisis” and imply that “systemic racism” — a theory heavily criticized for its vague definition — is responsible for “police killings of unarmed Black and Brown men and women.”

They also push the notion that values such as a “focus on the individual,” the “myth of meritocracy” and the “myth of American exceptionalism” are “societal barriers to achieving health equity.”

According to Rufo, the final session of the seminar was set to teach CDC employees how they could become activists promoting the tenets of critical race theory.
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Court Decides 22-Year-Old Woman Must Bring Up 2-Year-Old Brother

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Chinese social media has been abuzz about the controversial story of a couple who took their own daughter to court in order to make her raise her toddler brother, because they couldn’t afford to.

According to several news reports in China, a couple who for several years had survived on their child’s monthly allowance alone decided to have a second child. They soon realized that they couldn’t actually afford to take care of the child, so they asked their 22-year-old daughter to raise the toddler on their behalf. The girl, referred to only as Le Le in the media, had managed to support herself through college and was dreaming about building a career for herself when she got the news of her new “job” from her parents. She flat out refused to bring up her brother by herself, so her parents sued her.

Believe it or not, the 22-year-old lost the case and has been ordered by the Court to take up responsibility for her 2-year-old brother. According to Article 29 of the “Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China”, adults whose parents have died or are unable to take care of their underage children have an obligation to take care of their siblings.

Reported just a couple of days ago, this bizarre story has generated quite the controversy on social media, with a whopping 74 million people discussing it on China’s Weibo platform alone. The vast majority agreed that the court ruling was unfair to the 21-year-old woman, as it was her parents who had acted irresponsibly when they decided to have a second child. They could have found some work, or at least consulted with Le Le before conceiving their second child.

According to Chinese news site Two Eggz, ever since China abolished their two-child policy, many couples have multiple children without first taking into consideration their ability to take care of them.
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Western wildfires break records as devastating toll emerges

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Ngl, I'm glad these amoral cesspits are getting what they finally deserve.
>At least seven people, including a 1-year-old boy, have died in California, Oregon and Washington state.

>Wildfires continued to burn without containment up and down the length of the West Coast on Thursday, with smoke blotting out the sun in parts of Oregon and California. In Oregon, officials were beginning to take stock of the damage, particularly from the Glendower Fire, also known as the Almeda Fire, which largely destroyed the towns of Phoenix and Talent to the southeast of the city of Medford.

>Weather was expected to improve, with slackening winds compared with the howling gales that led to so many rapidly spreading blazes at once. However, according to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) and fire officials, active fire spread continues there as shifting winds allow some blazes to spread.

>At least seven people, including a 1-year-old boy, have died in California, Oregon and Washington state amid the dozens of wildfires burning throughout the varied landscapes of the American West, officials announced Wednesday.

>Brown said more than 900,000 acres have burned in 72 hours across her state, far above the typical annual average of 500,000 acres in the state. "We have never seen this amount of uncontained fire across the state," Brown said at a press conference. About 30,000 to 40,000 residents have evacuated due to the fires, she said.

>The fires have stretched state and local firefighters' resources to the limit in Oregon, and Brown has requested a battalion of firefighters from the Defense Department as well as firefighters from other states to help gain control of the blazes.

>Brown said these fires are unprecedented, but they carry a clear message on climate change.
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RBG dead at 87

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Democrats intentionally blocking Coronavirus relief to sabotage the election.

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Democratic politicians, Overtly, claim they wish to help America recover from Covid-19 as quickly as possible. Covertly they are high fiving each other over the perfect disaster to make Trump look bad, and sabotage public opinion by secretly making things worse by blocking all Covid-19 relief ideas that come from Republicans.
In the latest example proving that this is a fact, and not some inane "conspiracy theory" as dishonest pundits would have you believe, they have recently blocked yet another staple towards progress on Covid-19 relief. Liberal media sites also heavily downplayed the story, claiming that it simply "failed" without explaining that it was specifically Pelosi and Chuck who intentionally forced it to fail.

WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats blocked a $300 billion COVID-19 stimulus bill Thursday, dampening the prospects Congress will pass much-needed financial relief for Americans weathering the coronavirus pandemic ahead of the November election.

The bill was defeated in a 52-47 vote, not meeting the 60 needed to break the Democratic filibuster, a mechanism requiring three-fifths of the chamber to agree to end the debate and allow a final vote.

Wake up sheep. These people don't give a fuck about you, and only care about power. They exploit their stranglehold on the MSM to brainwash and confuse you into blaming the current President for problems they are intentionally making worse.
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