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BREAKING: Stacey Abrams is running for Georgia governor in 2022

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>Bring it, you fat, gaptoothed hobgoblin.


By Greg Bluestein, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stacey Abrams launched a campaign for Georgia governor Wednesday with a pledge to fight for economic equality and expand health care access, setting up a potential rematch against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in one of the nation’s most competitive political battlegrounds. The Democrat announced her campaign with a video that highlighted her work in the state since her narrow 2018 defeat to Kemp, along with a message that “opportunity and success in Georgia shouldn’t be determined by your ZIP code, background or access to power.”

Jan. 6 organizers used burner phones to communicate with White House during the Failed Trump Coup

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Some of the organizers who planned the rally that took place on the White House Ellipse on Jan. 6 allegedly used difficult-to-trace burner phones for their most “high level” communications with former President Trump’s team.

Kylie Kremer, a top official in the March for Trump group that helped plan the Ellipse rally, directed an aide to pick up three burner phones days before Jan. 6, according to three sources who were involved in the event. One of the sources, a member of the March for Trump team, says Kremer insisted the phones be purchased using cash and described this as being “of the utmost importance.”

The three sources say Kylie Kremer took one of the phones and used it to communicate with top White House and Trump campaign officials, including Eric Trump, the president’s second-oldest son, who leads the family’s real-estate business; Lara Trump, Eric’s wife and a former senior Trump campaign consultant; Mark Meadows, the former White House chief of staff; and Katrina Pierson, a Trump surrogate and campaign consultant.

The member says a second phone was given to Amy Kremer, Kylie Kremer’s mother and another key rally organizer. The team member says they did not know who the third phone was purchased for.

“That was when the planning for the event on the Ellipse was happening, she needed burner phones in order to communicate with high-level people is how she put it,” the March for Trump team member tells Rolling Stone, referencing Kylie Kremer.

Kylie and Amy Kremer did not immediately respond to a request for comment on record.
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Alec Baldin says "I Dindu Nuffin"

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Famous actor Alec Baldwin claims he didn't shoot his victims

Red States Pay Unemployment Benefits to Anti-Vaxxers Who Quit Their Jobs

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On Oct. 20, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced a crackdown on unemployment benefits

Nine days later, however, Reynolds signed legislation that pays vaccine refusers to do just that: sit on the sidelines

Under these new laws, any worker who gets fired for broadly defined “misconduct,” such as flunking an employer-imposed drug test, is disqualified from unemployment benefits—but employees who refuse COVID vaccination are glorified, protected, and subsidized.

The GOP’s coddling of vaccine refusers makes a joke of its rhetoric about self-reliance. This summer, for instance, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee ended the federal government’s supplemental COVID-era unemployment benefits. “We are paying people to stay home. That needs to change,” he declared. But two weeks ago, Lee signed legislation that pays vaccine refusers to stay home

In May, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he, too, would end bonus payments to unemployed Floridians. These payments, he argued, had created a perverse “incentive structure” that discouraged people from working. But DeSantis signed legislation two weeks ago that sets up a similar incentive structure, exclusively for people who defy COVID vaccine requirements (albeit with lower payments than when the federal government was still offering an extra $300 per week in benefits). Under the new law, vaccine refusal can’t “be deemed misconduct for the purpose of reemployment assistance.” In fact, the Florida law says that if you’re unemployed and you’re offered a job that requires vaccination, you can turn it down and stay on the dole.
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blm calls for boycott of white businesses

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Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of 'white companies' during the holiday season to support 'Black Xmas' and end 'White-supremacist-capitalism'
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Youtube censors critics of Seth Rogan's hateful anti-Christmas propaganda

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When did you realize that the left are truly evil?

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Mark Meadows:tRump knew he had covid before Biden debate and when he met army families

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This was pre vaccine
What an evil human.
Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 three days before his first debate against Joe Biden, the former president’s fourth and last chief of staff has revealed in a new book.

Mark Meadows also writes that though he knew each candidate was required “to test negative for the virus within seventy two hours of the start time … Nothing was going to stop [Trump] from going out there.”

Trump announced he had Covid on 2 October.

Meadows says Trump’s positive result on 26 September was a shock to a White House which had just staged a triumphant Rose Garden ceremony for the supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett – an occasion now widely considered to have been a Covid super-spreader event.

On Sunday 27 September, the first day between the tests and the debate, Meadows says Trump played golf in Virginia and staged an event for military families at which he “spoke about the value of sacrifice”.
he “spoke about the value of sacrifice”.
he “spoke about the value of sacrifice”.
he “spoke about the value of sacrifice”.

3 dead, 8 injured in shooting at Michigan high school, undersheriff says

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> A 15-year-old boy is in custody after three students died and eight were injured

>The Oxford High School students killed were Tate Myre, 16; Hanna St. Julian, 14, and Madisyn Baldwin, 17, according to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

>Two of the wounded were undergoing surgery as of 5 p.m. and the six others who were wounded were in stable condition.
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Trump challenges media & Democrats to debate electoral fraud facts

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