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Christchurch mosque massacre

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Does anyone have a link to the livestream the pussy australian media and liveleak only have the same 12 second clip of him walking into the mosque and I want to see the rest
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CIA implicated in embassy invasion

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Theresa May goes ‘BAT****’ at Brexit Cabinet rebels who backed Labour - ‘You are DISLOYAL’

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The Prime Minister confronted Amber Rudd, David Gauke, Greg Clark and David Mundell after they abstained from the no deal vote. The dispute took place in a Cabinet meeting on Thursday that followed the collapse of party discipline during key votes on Wednesday night. One Cabinet source said the Prime Minister accused Ms Rudd and other Remainers of “disloyalty” for abstaining in the vote. Another source said: “She went bat****.”

Ethiopian Airlines crash came after US shutdown delayed Boeing 737 Max fixes

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>Straightforward safety upgrades to the jets’ software to fix the automated safety feature, were originally expected in January according to multiple reports. But they were delayed until April, the Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 10, because of “engineering challenges,” “differences of opinion” between federal and Boeing officials, and the 35-day government shutdown, during which “consideration of the fixes was suspended.”
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MPs reject no-deal Brexit, but what happens next?

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>It is still impossible to say. If a deal is somehow reached and legislated for then, although the UK will formally leave the EU at 11pm, very little will change as a transition period will smooth progress to the UK’s new future.

>If there is a delay, the UK will still be in the European Union until the extension period expires.

>But if there is a no-deal Brexit, things are a lot more uncertain – the Government has been ramping up preparations to try to prevent shortages of food and medicine amid fears that increased bureaucracy will clog up key ports where goods arrive from the Continent.
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Tucker Carlson under fire again for sexual, degrading comments toward 2007 Miss Teen USA contestant

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>This is the third batch of Carlson's former comments released by Media Matters this week. On Sunday, the organization published audio of the Fox News host discussing sexual assault of children and other degrading comments toward women. On Monday, Media Matters released more recordings of Carlson making homophobic and racist comments.
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