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Portland Mayor FINALLY ready to SMASH the "Mostly Peaceful Protesters"

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>So long DNC Shill Faggot - your days stinking up the boards with your Illiberal leftist bullshit disinformation are numbered.

Portland mayor urges residents to ‘unmask’ rioters after weeks of violence

Paulina Villegas
April 24, 2021 at 9:17 p.m. EDT

The mayor of Portland, Ore., asked residents for help Friday in putting an end to violent protests that have erupted in recent weeks — and periodically since last summer — and urged the public to stand together and “take the city back.” “They want to burn, they want to bash, they want to intimidate, they want to assault,” Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) said Friday after announcing that the city would extend its state of emergency through Monday after a string of demonstrations that have resulted in several businesses being vandalized and public buildings defaced.
“Our job is to unmask them, arrest them and prosecute them,” he said, asking the public to contact the police and provide them with information about the rioters, write down their license plate numbers or film them when they commit acts of vandalism.
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EU passes TERREG without a vote in the EP.

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Europe, get your fucking shit together.
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Virginia city fires crooked cop for donation to domestic terrorist Klye Rittenhouse

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NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — The Virginia city of Norfolk has fired a police lieutenant after news reports that said he donated to and expressed support for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager accused of killing two people during a police brutality protest in Wisconsin last summer.

City officials announced Tuesday that police Lt. William Kelly had been “relieved of duty” after an internal investigation.

“His egregious comments erode the trust between the Norfolk Police Department and those they are sworn to serve. The City of Norfolk has a standard of behavior for all employees, and we will hold staff accountable,” City Manager Chip Filer said in a statement.

The development came after news organizations including The Virginian-Pilot reported that they had obtained data from a Christian crowdfunding website that was hacked, apparently showing an initially anonymous $25 donation to Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund was linked to Kelly’s work email address.

According to the newspaper, the donation carried the comment: “God bless. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

It went on to say, “’Every rank and file police officer supports you.”

According to prosecutors, Rittenhouse, who is white, came to Kenosha, Wisconsin, last August as the city was in the throes of chaotic protests after a white police officer shot a Black man, Jacob Blake, in the back during a domestic disturbance. Rittenhouse was 17 at the time.

Rittenhouse is accused of opening fire on protesters with an AR-15-style rifle. Two were killed and one was wounded.

He has argued he fired in self-defense after the protesters attacked him, and his case became a rallying cry for some conservatives who helped raise money for his bail in November. Others have cast him as a trigger-happy domestic terrorist.
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Malian woman gives birth to nine babies

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pizza to plowshares

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Feds: Man used some money from dem programs to fraudulently purchase an alpaca farm... with covid gibs!

BOSTON (AP) — The owner of a Massachusetts pizza parlor lied about the number of employees he had to fraudulently obtain more than $660,000 in federal coronavirus relief funds, then used some of the money to buy and stock an alpaca farm in Vermont, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

Dana McIntyre, 57, of Grafton, Vermont, was arrested Tuesday and charged with wire fraud and money laundering, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney's office in Boston.

He is scheduled to appear remotely in U.S. District Court in Boston later Tuesday.

“My client denies the allegation and will have further comment at a later date," McIntyre's attorney, Jason Stelmack, said in an email.

McIntyre, who formerly lived in Beverly and Essex, Massachusetts, was the owner of Rasta Pasta Pizzeria in Beverly in April 2020 when he applied for a Paycheck Protection Program loan, prosecutors said.

But in his application, he falsified an official tax form and claimed the pizza shop had almost 50 employees, when records indicate it had fewer than 10, in an effort to inflate the size of the loan he was entitled to, authorities said.

After receiving the loan, he sold the pizza shop and used the money to purchase and upgrade a farm in Vermont and buy several alpacas, authorities said. He also bought at least two vehicles — including a 1950 Hudson — and weekly airtime for a cryptocurrency-themed radio show that he hosted, prosecutors said.

If convicted of both charges, he faces up to 40 years in prison and $750,000 in fines.
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Biden ATF nominee made questionable statements about suppressors, automatic weapons

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Liar in chief hires a liar, its like pottery
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Rust Belt jobs thanks to Biden

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Ford Motor Co. plans to open a global battery center in southeast Michigan — a significant step forward on the automaker's path to one day manufacturing its own battery cells to power a coming wave of electrified vehicles.

The Blue Oval on Tuesday announced the creation of "Ford Ion Park," what it describes as a "global battery center of excellence." The approximately 200,000-square-foot, $185 million facility is slated to open next year at a to-be-announced location in southeast Michigan, near other facilities where Ford employees develop, design and build products tied to electrification.

Though the automaker has not yet announced specific plans to build its own battery cells, the announcement sends a strong signal that such a move is forthcoming. Project leaders acknowledged as much during a call with reporters Tuesday.

"The formation of the Ford Ion Park team is a key enabler for Ford to vertically integrate and manufacture batteries in the future," said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford's chief product platform and operations officer. "It will help us better control our supply and deliver high-volume battery cells with greater range, lower cost and higher quality."

The move underscores both the automaker's more aggressive outlook on the electric vehicle market, as well as supply-chain challenges that have plagued Ford and other automakers since early 2020. Among them: supply and demand imbalances brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, a protracted global shortage of essential semiconductor chips, and a trade dispute between two top battery makers.

Ion Park

Ion Park will launch with a team of about 150 experts in battery technology development, research, manufacturing, planning, purchasing, quality and finance, according to Ford. Company officials said job numbers there could eventually grow.
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McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Are a Corporate Scam

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This is a long article, but I promise it's worth the read.

If that's too long for you, this guy covers many of the same points:

TL;DR: McDonald's buys all their ice cream machines from one company, who sells them a shitty product and makes 25% of their profits on the fees from calling in technicians to repair them, which is paid by franchise owners instead of McDonald's corporate. Since they're corporate partners, both Taylor and McDonald's make money from the machines being broken - more than they would if they were working.

It's not just a meme. It's a conspiracy.
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Failing New York Times cries that the ATF has no registry

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They also defend pic related burning kids to death and have some whole thing about ATF agents crying like a bitch about not having badges and wearing fake badges
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CIA shootout

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