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Stab her rights matter

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Women should be allowed to stab people! A sexist & racist male shot a 15 year old black girl in Columbus OHio just because she was trying to stab several other people with a knife. When will police learn to just let us kill each other in piece. Legalize the Purge!
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Nancy Pelosi thanks George Floyd for dying

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Pelosi faces backlash after thanking George Floyd for ‘sacrificing your life for justice’

The congresswoman’s suggestion that Floyd had sacrificed himself drew a backlash online, where a clip of her words circulated Tuesday night and into Wednesday. On Twitter, people reacted with shock and outrage.
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The chip shortage might be a good thing

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Time for chip makers to g back to the drawing board, a new generation of Spectre attacks has left pretty much all processors vulnerable.
It might be time to remove speculative execution from all chip designs and rebuild from scratch. Also note RISC-V isn't a silver bullet because it doesn't disallow speculative execution to be added to the design such as with BOOM RISC-V processors.
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Hong Kong: Is the one ‘country, two systems’ principle officially over?

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Veteran Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigners are jailed as Beijing extends its crackdown on dissent. Is China’s promise of ‘one country, two systems’ officially over?

The verdicts came as mainland China is increasingly cracking down on Hong Kong's rights and freedoms.

Among those in court was Hong Kong pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai who was sentenced to 14 months in prison after being found guilty of unauthorised assembly.

Several other activists were sentenced on Friday for participating in two demonstrations, on 18 August and 31 August 2019.

They include veteran campaigner Martin Lee, 82, and lawyer Margaret Ng, 73, whose sentences were suspended.

The sentencing is part of a series of trials all relating to the large-scale pro-democracy protests in 2019.

The protests culminated in the most tense wave of demonstrations in years, often ending in widespread violence between police and activists.

Watch Newsnight with guests democracy campaigner Nathan Law and CCP mouthpiece and puppet Victor Gao:
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Florida bill will fine Twitter,Facebook for Trump type de-platforming

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Florida is on track to be the first state in the nation to punish social media companies that ban politicians like former President Donald Trump under a bill approved Thursday by the state's Republican-led Legislature.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican and close Trump ally who called for the bill’s passage, is expected to sign the legislation into law, but the proposal appears destined to be challenged in court after a tech industry trade group called it a violation of the First Amendment speech rights of corporations.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, writing in an opinion that legislators could be justified if they passed laws requiring social media to carry all views.

The Florida bill would prohibit social media companies from knowingly “deplatforming” political candidates, meaning a service could not “permanently delete or ban” a candidate. Suspensions of up to 14 days would still be allowed, and a service could remove individual posts that violate its terms of service.

The state's elections commission would be empowered to fine a social media company $250,000 a day for statewide candidates and $25,000 a day for other candidates if a company's actions are found to violate the law, which also requires the companies to provide information about takedowns and apply rules consistently.
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Arson suspected in over a dozen house fires in Gary Indiana

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Federal investigators raided Rudy Giuliani's apartment on Wednesday

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Biden shatters yet another record - 2/3rds of Americans are optimistic about future

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WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden completes his first hundred days in office with a country that is more optimistic about the coming year, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) are optimistic about the direction of the country in the poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos' KnowledgePanel.

The last time the country came close to that level of optimism about the coming year was in December 2006, when 61% said they were optimistic about where the country was headed, according to previous ABC News/Washington Post polls. Shortly before the 2016 election catapulted Donald Trump to the Oval Office, only 42% of Americans were optimistic about the future, compared to 52% who were pessimistic.

But there are some warning lights flashing for the White House. Biden is betting on a lofty agenda to maintain momentum and set up Democrats for success in next year's midterms, while the GOP is hoping that voters perceive an overreach and the president's policies become an electoral anchor.

Only a slim majority (52%) think the federal government should spend to revitalize the economy, even if it raises taxes -- including 80% of Democrats and 54% of independents. The question of government spending and taxes largely divides Americans, with 47% saying taxes should stay at the same level, even at the expense of the economy -- including 78% of Republicans.

After more than a year of the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the country, roughly one-third of Americans (36%) still remain pessimistic about the country's future under Biden.

Only about a quarter of Americans (23%) think the country has become more united since Biden took office. Among this group, an overwhelming 87% give Biden credit. Only 3% assigned credit to Republican leaders in Congress, and 10% said both in the poll.
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Trump successor wastes trillions of dollars on ideological crusade against modern times

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$3 trillion of new debts, that's $10k per tax payer, for an old man's desperate attempt to prove to himself that western liberalism can still keep up with the young and modern parts of the world. You will pay the bill for him. Even decades after his death, you will still pay the bill for him.
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Woman Who Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Gives Birth Mid-Air On Flight

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Lani Bamfield, a nurse based out of Kansas City who helped Lavinia, shared her experience of delivering a baby at 30,000 feet on Facebook, writing ‘If anyone would like to know how our trip to Hawaii is going… here’s how it started… we delivered a 26-27 weeker in the airplane bathroom, in the middle of the ocean, with three NICU nurses, a Physicians assistant, and a family medicine doctor we were able to make it THREE HOURS before we could finally land but the baby and mom did great.’