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China is buying up American farms.

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The push to drain China’s influence from the U.S. economy has reached America’s farm country, as congressional lawmakers from both parties are looking at measures to crack down on foreign purchases of prime agricultural real estate.

House lawmakers recently advanced legislation to that effect, warning that China’s presence in the American food system poses a national security risk. And key Senate lawmakers have already shown interest in efforts to keep American farms in American hands.

The debate over farm ownership comes amid broader efforts by Congress and the Biden administration to curb the nation’s economic reliance on China, especially in key industries like food, semiconductors and minerals deemed crucial to the supply chain. The call for tighter limits on who owns America’s farms has come from a wide range of political leaders, from former Vice President Mike Pence to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), after gaining momentum seeded in farm states.

“America cannot allow China to control our food supply,” Pence said Wednesday during a speech at the conservative Heritage Foundation, urging President Joe Biden and Congress to “end all farm subsidies for land owned by foreign nationals.”

Chinese firms have expanded their presence in American agriculture over the last decade by snapping up farmland and purchasing major agribusinesses, like pork processing giant Smithfield Foods. By the start of 2020, Chinese owners controlled about 192,000 agricultural acres in the U.S., worth $1.9 billion, including land used for farming, ranching and forestry, according to the Agriculture Department.

Still, that’s less than farmland owned by people from other nations like Canada and European countries, which account for millions of acres each. It’s also a small percentage of the nearly 900 million acres of total American farmland.
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Texas gunman stoned to death after shooting into crowd, killing 1 and injuring 3

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FORT WORTH, Texas — A gunman was stoned to death by a group of people after he shot and killed one person and injured three others, according to a report by FOX 7 Austin.

According to the report, the incident occurred around 1 a.m. on Monday in Fort Worth where a “small gathering” was happening in someone’s backyard.

Police believe the shooter became upset with a person during the gathering and returned with a gun, shooting at least one person non-fatally.

Police say the shooter was then chased by several party-goers which promoted the shooter to fire into the pursuing crowd. In response to being fired upon, police say the pursuing mob began to pelt the gunman with landscaping stones and bricks.

The gunman was repeatedly stoned by the pursing crowd, police said, but still managed to fire his weapon several times striking at least two more people. One of the individuals struck by the gunfire died from their injuries.

The gunman was killed at the scene after being repeatedly struck with stones and bricks by the party-goers.

Police say all involved individuals in the incident knew each other.
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German TV apologises for smearing mud on clothes at flood site

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A German presenter has apologised after being caught smearing mud on her clothes moments before appearing on television from a town ravaged by last week's historic floods.

Susanna Ohlen, 39, said she acted after feeling "ashamed" of reporting from the town in her clean clothes.

The broadcaster RTL said she had been suspended for breaching its standards after the video went viral.

In a statement, Ms Ohlen said she had made a "serious mistake".

She had been reporting from Bad Münstereifel in North Rhine-Westphalia, where record rainfall destroyed homes and left dozens dead last week.

Ms Ohlen said she had been helping aid efforts in the days before filming for RTL's Good Morning Germany programme on Monday.

But before going on air, she felt "ashamed to stand in front of the camera in clean clothes", she said.

Without thinking, she said, "I smeared mud on my clothes".

At that point, a video of her bending down to spread dirt on her hands and clothes was apparently filmed by an onlooker and later posted to social media.

Apologising for her actions, Ms Ohlen said "this should never have happened to me" in her statement.

RTL said Ms Ohlen had been put on leave after the video came to its attention.

The broadcaster did not say whether further action would be taken.

Germany's worst flooding in decades devastated parts of the country last week, leaving at least 170 people dead and causing billions in damage.

Dozens are still missing as clean-up operations continue.

European leaders have blamed climate change for the floods, which have also affected Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
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Toronto Parade Marking 22 Years of Falun Gong Persecution in China

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Speaking at a rally in Toronto on July 17, former parliamentarians and rights activists voiced support for Falun Gong adherents amid the ongoing persecution of the spiritual practice launched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 22 years ago.

Over 500 Falun Gong adherents participated in a parade through the city’s downtown to commemorate the victims of the largest human rights abuse in China. At least 500 people registered online for the parade, but roughly 700-800 people showed up, said Jeffery Jiang, one of the organizers.

At the rally in Queen’s Park, former Conservative MP Wladyslaw Lizon called on Canada, the United States, and Europe to help those who “demand rights and change in the communist system” as in the past they helped people living in the Soviet Union.

“This gives hope, and it should give hope to all of us and to those that are here today, persecuted by this terrible communist government in China,” Lizon said.

“We should remind not only the communist government of China of their crimes, [but] remind them that the times to answer for those crimes is coming.”

Falun Gong is a spiritual practice that includes meditation exercises and teachings based on the tenets of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Also called Falun Dafa, the practice was introduced in 1992 in China, where it gained widespread popularity due to its benefits to people’s mental and physical well-being. By 1999, it had attracted 70-100 million adherents, according to Chinese government estimates.

CCP leader Jiang Zemin perceived that popularity as a threat to the regime’s rule. On July 20, 1999, Jiang launched an unprecedented campaign and brutal oppression aimed at eradicating the practice.
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Afghani arested in his lavish home in London for gang rape of underage

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A suspect, who allegedy boasted with pals about gang-raping a 13-year-old Austrian schoolgirl who died in the attack, has been arrested.

The teenager's lifeless body was dumped beside a road next to a tree after allegedly being raped by the four men.

Austrian police say all four were immigrants from Afghanistan and arrested three, with an international manhunt carried out searching for the fourth. The suspect has now been arrested in London.

Schoolgirl Leonie, 13, from the city of Wiener Neustadt near Austria's capital Vienna, was reported missing by her parents Melanie P, 40, and Hannes W, 39.
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Minnesota baby born at 21 weeks celebrates first birthday, sets world record

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One can of Pepsi, just less than a pound. That’s how much baby Richard weighed when he was born.

His hand was the size of his mother’s fingertip. His eyes were fused shut, and his ribs and vessels shone through his almost translucent skin.

“He was just an itty-bitty little guy,” said his mother, Beth Hutchinson. “His lungs were just little air sacs.”

Richard Scott William Hutchinson was born four months premature on June 5, 2020. One week prior, his mother went to the doctor with what she thought was a urinary tract infection. That same day, just 21 weeks into her pregnancy, she learned she was going to have her son within days.

“She texts me: ‘Get a bag together. I’m going to the hospital,’ ” said Beth’s husband, Rick Hutchinson.

The day before Richard was born, doctors told the Somerset, Wis., couple that their son had a “zero percent” chance of surviving.

“I was devastated,” Beth said. “It was really hard to accept their answers.”

Rick said the near certainty the child wouldn’t survive was hard to accept.

“When they ask you if you want to hold your son before he dies, it’s scary,” he said. “And I was like, ‘What do you mean hold him before he dies?’ “

The couple had been through an early-stage miscarriage before. Knowing how hard it had been to conceive, they wanted to do everything possible to bring their child safely into the world.

“I didn’t want to lose him after we had gotten this far,” Beth said. “I didn’t want to give up.”

At 21 weeks and two days, Richard was much younger than most premature babies. Doctors at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis were hesitant about the viability of birth and did not want to strain the child.

After a full day of emotional conversations and heated moments, the doctors agreed to have Beth go into labor.
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Jan. 6 hearings open with visceral accounts of Trump supporters’ assault on police

Four police officers testified about the physical and verbal abuse they endured defending the Capitol on Jan. 6 from a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump, as a House select committee held its first hearing on the insurrection.
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Just Say tRump Is Corrupt And Leave Rest To Me Say Pencil Head Pence

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Trump Pressed Justice Dept. to Declare Election Results Corrupt, Notes Show
“Leave the rest to me” and to congressional allies, the former president is said to have told top law enforcement officials.

North Korean women have been ordered to refer to their lovers as “male comrades”

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North Korean women have been ordered to refer to their lovers as “male comrades” in Kim Jong-un’s latest war on everything modern.

Officials in Pyongyang urged women to “mind their language” and avoid any slang terms from progressive-minded America or South Korea, The Express reported.

An editorial in government newspaper Rodong Sinmun attacked the “bourgeois” ruling class ideology which has freed women to be more open about sex across the world.

Kim Jong-un has fought against such changes in North Korea, fearing more than half his population could adopt the language of freed people.

Kim urged women to drop slang terms such as “oppa” and replace them with more formal addresses

A South Korean MP said he was told in a recent intelligence briefing North Korean women are banned from using popular slang term “oppa” to refer to their lovers.

The Rodong Sinmun article explained style, appearance and language are “a reflection of the state of thought and spirit”.

It added losing the war against modernity would “bring many times more serious consequences than on the battlefield”.

In December a new decree made the crime of accessing South Korean entertainment punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

As Kpop and popular Korean TV dramas have become trendy throughout the world, North Korea has fought hard to prevent its own population from aspiring to the South’s new popularity.

Anyone found guilty of distributing such material could even face the death penalty.

Journalist and Pyongyang expert Jean Lee said Kim’s obsession with ‘protecting’ his people from forward-thinking social attitudes was a transparent effort to secure his position against revolt.
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Fully vaxed people are loaded with Delta:super-spreaders!

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Joel Achenbach, Yasmeen Abutaleb, Ben Guarino and Carolyn Y. Johnson, The Washington Post

People who have had their shots and become infected with the delta variant of the coronavirus can harbor large amounts of virus just like unvaccinated people. That means they could become spreaders of the disease and should return to wearing masks indoors in certain situations, including when vulnerable people are present.

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not publish the new research.

Some outside scientists have their own message: Show us the data.

"They're making a claim that people with delta who are vaccinated and unvaccinated have similar levels of viral load, but nobody knows what that means," said Gregg Gonsalves, an associate professor at the Yale School of Public Health. "It's meaningless unless we see the data."

DR. Fauci noted there is not yet clinical data on what the high viral loads mean in terms of disease transmission. "You can make a reasonable assumption that vaccinated people can transmit the virus just like unvaccinated people can," Fauci said.

If we're seeing more breakthroughs, is it just because the virus is better and the vaccines don't hold up quite as well, or is the efficacy of the vaccines beginning to wane, independent of the delta?" asked Robert Wachter, chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco. "This is 3D chess, there's a hundred things going on at the same time."
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