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Pantifa Threatens Portland Mayor

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>Okay, Mayor (and Police Chief) Ted Wheeler:
you know what to do. Time to smash these faggots. Do it now. There is a reason they picked your Lily-White, Hyper-liberal city to do a little test run of their "Insurrection"....

Portland cops, FBI reportedly probe veiled Antifa death threat against mayor
Portland police and the FBI are investigating a veiled death threat against Mayor Ted Wheeler, days after he promised to “take our city back” from the “anarchist mob,” according to a report. The chilling threat was made in a video on Twitter Wednesday night in which a self-confessed Antifa loyalist vows to continue rioting in the Oregon city — and includes the mayor’s home address as a warning, The Oregonian said. “Blood is already on your hands, Ted,” says the video’s narrator, wearing a full-face mask and with an “Anonymous”-style altered voice. “The next time, it may just be your own,” the narrator warns in the two-minute video — with a menacing chuckle as his address is posted.
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This week, cell phone video footage showed police in Loveland, CO violently arrested an 80-pound woman with dementia, fracturing her arm, spraining her wrist, and dislocating her shoulder. Hours after the arrest, which happened in June, the officers laughed about the incident: “I thought it went great,” one of them says in the released booking cell video. “I think we crushed it.”

Employees at a Walmart in Loveland called the police after 73-year-old Karen Garner allegedly pulled off an employee’’ mask and left the store without paying for items worth $13.88. The cops found her plucking flowers on the side of the road, and she repeatedly insisted that she was “going home” as they pushed her to the ground and handcuffed her. She was brought to jail, where she wasn’t given medical care until six hours later, according to a new lawsuit.

A lawyer representing Garner’s family who previously released bodycam footage of the arrest has now decided to release a cell video depicting the officers laughing and boasting about the incident. “When I had her pushed against the car when you first got there, I was like, ‘Okay, you’re gonna play,’ and I was pushing, pushing, pushing, I hear, pop. I was like, ‘Oh no,'” Officer Austin Hopp recounts in the video. Later, as they rewatch the footage, he jokes, “Ready for the pop? Hear the pop?”

Officer Daria Jalali, who was also involved in Garner’s arrest, shields her eyes and says, “I hate it. I hate this.” Another officer, Tyler Blackett, laughs and responds, “I love it.”
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Andrew Brown Jr. shooting exposes disconnect between majority rural White county and its mostly Black city

For more than a week, protesters have marched in the streets of a small, quaint, North Carolina city that has been rocked by the police killing of Andrew Brown Jr.
Civil rights leaders and attorneys have converged on Elizabeth City demanding answers and justice after Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office deputies fatally shot Brown and the department said it could not release body camera footage to the public for legal reasons.
A North Carolina judge also denied requests to publicly release the video from four police body cameras. Brown's family was shown a short snippet of the footage of the shooting on Monday that a family attorney described as an "execution." The family was granted a petition to review additional video in the coming days.

With police releasing few details about what led to Brown's death, many community members say it raises questions about transparency and accountability in a sheriff's office that has long failed to engage with the Black community.

Community leaders and residents say while they maintain a strong relationship with the Elizabeth City Police Department, their relationship with the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office is strained. The agency, they say, has done little to build trust with Black residents and excludes Black activists from discussions around policies that affect the community such as the use of body cameras. The issue reflects a racial divide in this rural county of some 40,000 people that is 54% White and 36% Black with a White sheriff, White county attorney, and a predominantly White Board of Commissioners. Elizabeth City, however, is 50% Black and 37% White with a Black mayor, Black police chief and a majority Black city council. The town has nearly 18,000 residents.
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Mitt Romney loudly booed at Utah Republican convention

The Utah senator and former presidential candidate was the only Republican to vote twice to impeach ex-President Donald Trump.

As Mr Romney took the stage at a state party convention in West Valley City, delegates shouted that he was a "communist" and a "traitor".

Amid the jeering, he asked the crowd: "So what do you think about President Biden's first hundred days?"

Mr Romney added that he was "a person who says what he thinks, and I don't hide the fact that I wasn't a fan of our last president's character issues".

He started to say "and I'm also no fan...", but then had to stop speaking again because of the volume of the booing.

After a pause, the senator asked the crowd of 2,100 delegates: "Aren't you embarrassed?"

State party chair Derek Brown then stepped in and pleaded with everyone to "please... show respect".

Despite this show of disapproval, a motion to censure Mr Romney for his votes to impeach Mr Trump failed narrowly. Mr Romney urged people to "come together in strength and unity" before leaving the stage.

A moderate Republican, Mr Romney is not facing re-election to the Senate in 2022.

This incident is seen as an example of how, despite his election loss last year, Mr Trump continues to be popular within the party.

A CNN poll released this week suggested 70% of Republicans still believe Mr Trump's allegations that President Joe Biden did not legitimately win the election - despite the claims being repeatedly proven to be false.


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are the police an essential part of maintaining law and 'order'?

do you believe non-violent protest and freedom of assembly is a human right?

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N Carolina cop kills blackman:bodycam shows his hands on steering wheel

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The family of a North Carolina man shot and killed by sheriff's deputies said Monday that they were shown just 20 seconds of body-camera video that appeared to show the man with his hands on the steering wheel of his car before he was killed.

the release of the odycam footage was pushed back several hours because of redactions sought by the county attorney for fear of widespread unrest, family attorneys said.

in 20 seconds of video, Brown's loved ones said, it was clear that he wasn't a threat to law enforcement and shouldn't have been gunned down.

"My dad got executed just trying to save his own life," son Khalil Ferebee told reporters outside the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office. "It ain't right. It ain't right at all."
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Indian Govt. asks twitter to take down tweets critical of Covid handling

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India asked Twitter to take down dozens of tweets criticising its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as cases in the country on Saturday hit a global record for the third straight day.

Twitter withheld some of the tweets after the legal request by the Indian government, a company spokeswoman told Reuters on Saturday.

The government made an emergency order to censor the tweets, Twitter disclosed on Lumen database, a Harvard University project.

In the government's legal request, dated April 23 and disclosed on Lumen, 21 tweets were mentioned.

The law cited in the government's request was the Information Technology Act, 2000.

"When we receive a valid legal request, we review it under both the Twitter Rules and local law," the Twitter spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman confirmed that Twitter had notified account holders directly about withholding their content and let them know that it received a legal order pertaining to their tweets.

The development was reported earlier by technology news website TechCrunch, which said that Twitter was not the only platform affected by the order.

India is in the grip of a rampaging second wave of the pandemic, hitting a rate of one Covid death in just under every four minutes in Delhi as the capital's underfunded health system buckles.

The number of cases across the country rose by 346,786 to reach 16.6 million, the health ministry said on Saturday. Covid deaths rose by 2,624 to a total of 189,544, according to Saturday's figures.

Health experts said India became complacent in the winter when new cases were running at about 10,000 a day and seemed to be under control. Authorities lifted restrictions, allowing the resumption of big gatherings, including large festivals such as Kumbh Mela and political rallies for local elections.
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A good Samaritan jumped into water and saved an infant who fell out of a car, authorities say

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Some good news for a change.

At least eight people were taken to hospitals Sunday after a crash that left a car dangling off the guardrail of a bridge in Ocean City, Maryland, authorities say.
Fire and police units were dispatched to the bridge a little after 2:45 p.m., the Ocean City Fire Department said in a news release.
Arriving authorities found one vehicle half over the guardrail and multiple people injured, the department said.

"During the collision, one pediatric patient was ejected from the car teetering over the guardrail and landed into the Assawoman Bay," it added.

That's when a good Samaritan stepped in and made a brave rescue -- by "immediately" jumping over the guardrail and into the bay, saving the infant.

Rob Korb, a life member of the Ocean City Fire Department and a Senior Deputy Fire Marshal in Worcester County told CNN he "stumbled" on the incident while he was out and running errands.
"The real hero in this situation is the Good Samaritan that jumped in to provide life saving measures for the infant. I'd like to shake his hand or buy him a beer or both someday," Korb said.
Firefighters were able to secure the vehicle with rescue tools and paramedics treated several patients, the fire department said in the release.

Seven people were transported by ground to local hospitals while the infant was flown to Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital, the department said. CNN reached out to the hospital but was unable to determine the condition of the infant.
Authorities are now investigating the cause of the accident, the fire department said.

White Americans kill and chop up Vietnamese man who got covid vaccination

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Vietnamese man murdered in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Three men who are suspected in the homicide of a 55-year-old Asian man in Fort Wayne, Indiana have turned themselves in, reports the Journal Gazette. 20-year-old Cody Clements turned himself over to police on Monday followed by Jacob D. Carreon-Hamilton, 20, and Matthew J. Cramer. The three were identified by police as suspects on Sunday in the killing of Shane Van Nguyen.

shane van nguyen

Shane Van Nguyen was last seen alive on Friday around 3 pm after he received his COVID vaccination shot, reports WPTA21. He was reported missing on Saturday and a Silver Alert was put out overnight. On Sunday morning around 5 am, a police officer tried to stop a vehicle near Lake Avenue and Coliseum Boulevard. But the driver sped off and a short chase ensued. However, police called off the chase after it was considered unsafe.

Shortly after, police got a call about a car accident on Forest Park Boulevard. The car crashed through a fence and into a back of a home. The car matched the description of the car that sped away earlier.

When police arrived and examined the car, they found a dead body inside. The Allen County Coroner determined that the victim was Shane Nguyen and that he died of blunt force trauma to the head ruling it a homicide.

Early Monday morning, police released images of the three suspects, Cody Clements, Matthew J. Cramer, and Jacob D. Carreon-Hamilton, all from the Goshen area.

Police have not determined a motive for the crime and it is unclear what charges will be filed against the suspects at this time.

“At this point we believe it to be an isolated incident, but this investigation is far from being complete,” Police spokesperson Sofia Rosales-Scatena emailed the Journal Gazette. “We will look for any indication as to hate or bias in this crime. It will take some time.”
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COVID-19 alters DNA,result: long term damage

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COVID-19 alters human genes, explaining mystery behind coronavirus ‘long haulers’

A new study finds coronavirus actually causes long-term changes to an infected patient’s genes.

Specifically, scientists reveal the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, creates long-lasting changes to human gene expression. These tiny spikes cover the surface of coronavirus cells. They allow the virus to bind to certain receptors on human cells and hijack their functions — leading to COVID infection. Once the spike cuts into a patient’s cells, the virus releases its own genetic material into the cell so it can replicate.

“We found that exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone was enough to change baseline gene expression in airway cells,” says Nicholas Evans, a master’s student at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, in a media release. “This suggests that symptoms seen in patients may initially result from the spike protein interacting with the cells directly.”

Researchers examined how exposure to spike protein impacts cultured human airway cells in lab experiments. They also compared the results to studies using cell samples from actual COVID-19 patients.

The team notes culturing human airway cells requires time and specific conditions which help the cells mature. This allows the lab cells to develop into the different cells living in a real human airway. To do this, study authors refined a culturing technique called air-liquid interface so they could more closely simulate the conditions in an actual patient’s lungs.

cont: below
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