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Beto O'Rourke is running for president in 2020

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Beto O'Rourke says he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.
The decision comes after months of questioning whether to run, a road trip, and mostly avoiding media appearances.
O'Rourke's entrance into the race adds one of the most prolific fundraisers of the past midterm election cycle.
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Possible teror attack Utrecht, Netherlands

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>Possible motive not known
>One gunman on the run.
>Dutch election campaigns for the elctions on the 20th have been cancelled.
>Latest reports are that there's been a raid on an appartment by special forces.
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President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev announced his resignation

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Nazarbayev has been serving as president of Kazakhstan for 28 years, since the office was created on 24 April 1990. The speaker of the country's senate, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, will assume the office of president until a new president is elected."I made the decision to terminate my powers as president", Nazarbayev said, speaking on national television channels addressing the people of Kazakhstan.Following the announcement, Nazarbayev signed a decree on the termination of his powers as the head of state."I believe that the time has come for me to sign the relevant decree. Let me read it out: on the authority of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan… I'm terminating from March 20, 2019, my powers as President of the Republic of Kazakhstan," Nazarbayev said.Nazarbayev said he would retain the post of head of the country's Security Council and leader of the Nur Otan party, and remain a member of the Constitutional Council.

Andrew Yang pledges to fight circumcision as part of his campaign

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Mass Shooting at Christchurch Mosque

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On-going story, but tl;dr big shit going down in Christchurch, New Zealand.

>(CNN)Police in the New Zealand city of Christchurch are responding to a "serious and evolving situation" involving an active shooter, with witnesses describing a gunman entering a mosque and opening fire.
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8 Year Old Homeless Chess Champion

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>An eight-year-old boy who fled Nigeria with his family and is now living in a homeless shelter in New York City while his asylum application pends has been crowned the state's chess champion for his age group.

>Tanitoluwa Adewumi won the state tournament for his group, from kindergarten through third grade, last weekend.

>Tani, as he is known to family and friends, plays chess at the elementary school he attends and practices every night in the shelter.

>The family moved to the US to escape Boko Haram, a terrorist group responsible for atrocious attacks against Africans.

>Not only does Tani play with them, but he also attends a free, three-hour practice session in Harlem every Saturday to master his game. At night, he uses his father's laptop to practice.

>'One year to get to this level, to climb a mountain and be the best of the best, without family resources.

Did this kid just prove the validity of Monk Mode? All the other kids probably played video games, watched T. V. or wasted time on social media while he was spending hour after hour studying openings, endgames or engine analysis.
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Fox killed by hen herd

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>Rennes, France:Chickens in a poultry farm in
>northeast France are suspected of killing a fox who tried to sneak into their coop.

>The young predator is thought to have entered the henhouse at an agricultural school at dusk last week and become trapped inside by light-controlled automatic hatch doors that close when the sun goes down.

>Students at Le Gros Chene school in Brittany discovered the body of the animal when making their rounds to check on the chickens the following morning.

>"There, in the corner, we found this dead fox," Pascal Daniel, head of farming at the school, told the AFP. "There was a herd instinct and they attacked him with their beaks."

>The free-range, organic farm where the incident took place has a chicken coop that is open all day, and the hens spend most of the daytime outside unless they're laying eggs.

>The last time a fox visited one of the school's chicken coops, more than a year ago, it turned out much worse for the hens, said Daniel.

Articles in french :
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Michael Jackson: Transport for London to remove bus adverts protesting singer's innocence

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>TfL says it will take down the adverts due to "public sensitivity" after fresh child sex abuse allegations against the pop star.

>Transport for London says it will remove bus adverts proclaiming Michael Jackson's innocence in the wake of child sexual abuse allegations against the singer.

>The adverts have appeared on double-decker buses across the capital after a £20,000 crowdfunding campaign backed by the pop star's supporters.

>They were produced in response to the Leaving Neverland documentary, which featured claims by two men who say they were sexually abused by Jackson as children.

>The Survivors Trust, which supports victims of rape and child sexual abuse, told Sky News the adverts were "really inappropriate" and called for Transport for London (TfL) to take them down.

>TfL initially rejected the criticism, saying the adverts were "compliant" with its advertising policy.

>But on Wednesday, a TfL spokesman said: "We have reviewed our position and will be removing these advertisements.

>"They have been rejected due to the public sensitivity and concern around their content."
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Husband of slain 44 year old NZ woman: All is forgiven

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Man forgives NZ shooter and pledges brotherly love less than 24 hours after wife shot dead
>'I don't hate him, I love him': Widower forgives Christchurch gunman who killed his wife

A senior leader at the Deans Ave Mosque who lost his wife in the terror attack says he has forgiven the shooter.

Farid Ahmed says the extraordinary gesture to the man who killed so many of his friends is what his wife would have wanted.

Christchurch terror attack: Crowd sings 'Imagine', 'Hallelujah' at victim memorial
Christchurch terror attack: Where you can pay your respects
Christchurch terror attack: Sam Neill's 'helpless anger' after deaths
The widower was first interviewed at the cordon on Friday shortly after the shooting broke out. At the time, he hadn't heard from his wife, and since then he's received terrible news.

Husna Ahmed ran classes for children at the mosque, while her husband gave sermons.

"She was probably more open than me; she could reach anyone, she was magnetic," Farid Ahmed told Newshub.
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Yet Another Study Finds No Link Between Measles Vaccine and Autism

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A study of more than 600,000 children in Denmark has found that the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella does not increase a child’s risk of developing autism, adding to a substantial body of evidence that refutes some parents’ fears about a possible connection.

The new study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, is one of the largest of its kind, according to NPR’s Rob Stein. Using data from population registries, researchers looked at 657,461 children born in Denmark between 1999 and 2010; the children were followed from the age of one until August 2013. Ninety-five percent of the young study subjects were vaccinated, reports Lisa Rapaport of Reuters. Of the children involved in the study, 6,517 were diagnosed with autism.

But the researchers did not find any increased risk of autism in children who received the MMR vaccine, compared to those who did not. Crucially, the study authors also looked at subgroups of children considered susceptible to the disorder due to several risk factors, like having siblings with autism and being born prematurely. “A concern about observational studies is that they do not often take into account the possibility of MMR vaccination triggering autism in susceptible subgroups of children,” the study authors acknowledge. But even among these subgroups, the researchers did not observe any connection between MMR vaccination and autism risk.
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