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Platonic Co-Parenting – A Romance-Free Way of Having and Raising Children

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Platonic or elective co-parenting is a new way of having and raising children which involves two people conceiving (naturally or artificially) and taking joint physical, financial and emotional responsibility for raising them, but without being romantically involved.

Whether it’s because they want to raise a child without being involved in a romantic relationship, or because they feel like their biological clock is ticking and they haven’t yet found Mr. or Mrs. Right, a growing number of people are turning to specialized websites like PollenTree or Modamily to find likeminded people to raise children with without any romantic strings attached. The rising popularity of platonic co-parenting is seen by experts as a consequence of many people’s realization that the person you have kids with doesn’t be the person you grow old with, or even someone you live with.

English newspaper The Guardian recently featured the case of Jenica Anderson, a 38-year-old geologist from Montana, and Stephan DuVal, a 37-year-old camera operator, who decided platonic co-parenting was the best way to raise a child. They met on Modamily, a website that helps connect people interested in elective co-parenting, and after having some online conversations they met in person in what apparently seemed like a date, only without the awkwardness of flirting.

Anderson, who already had a son but had split from his father when the baby was only one year old, had seen the classic family recipe fail, but wanted her second child to have both a mother and a father. She lived in a small community where no one wanted to commit to a co-parenting arrangement, so she decided to try her luck online.