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NYC Subway safety is an issue - that can be easily fixed

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Hello all, first time poster here. I didn't know where else I could source a community of people interested in stuff like this, but I think that there should be a petition to address the issues of fatalities and injuries caused by lunatics who can easily push another person onto tracks, as seen in the article and attached video above. Fatalities due to suicide would also cease (see link below for a study conducted between 2003-2007). My proposition for a safety measure would be simply platform screen doors. These are similar to the metro itself, and shield people from attempting any sort of harm, but still have that same subway feel to them. They are used throughout the world, and if engineered well enough, could serve the state well. I am no engineer, but a one time investment on the state or city's part could make a dramatic difference in deaths and injury in the future. My hopes are that this post might be able to gain some traction on this platform, and 4chan could be on the news for something good :D


Between 1990 and 2003, 343 subway-related suicides were registered out of a citywide total of 7,394 (4.6%) and subway-related suicides increased by 30%, despite a decline in overall suicide numbers. (Epidemiology of suicide in the New York City subway system, Nov. 2009)

Link to list of improvements of multi-million dollar contract. Safety features include nothing about accident prevention:

The 2003-2007 study: