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Melinda Gates had enough of Bill's world domination plans:$130b alimony

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Bill Gates, 65, announced on Twitter on Monday that he and his 56-year-old wife Melinda are divorcing
He has hired Charles T. Munger, a 97-year-old L.A.-based business lawyer and philanthropist
Munger is not a family lawyer - his expertise is in business, real estate and investing
In the 1950s, he lost all his money to his first wife, Nancy; he recovered to become a billionaire
Melinda described her marriage as 'irretrievably broken' in a divorce petition viewed by DailyMail.com
The petition revealed the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement when they wed in 1994
Gates was already a billionaire; he founded Microsoft in 1975 and made his first billion in 1987